Lumene launched a new Longwear Blur Foundation – I put it to the test!

Lumene Longwear Blur

This is not an official, formal review, just some experiences I wrote down regarding the new Longwear Blur Foundation by Lumene. The product was launched here in Finland just this month, but many bloggers around the country have had a chance to test it about a month ago so there are quite a few opinions on it already – pretty much all positive. I wasn’t one of those bloggers, so I unfortunately had to put the money in myself and patiently wait for the release. Despite not having the target skin for the Lumene Hydra Drops Moisturizing Foundation, I have pretty much used it up just because it has been quick and easy to use and it does look nice, as long as I remember to keep the shine in check. Now, I am, I think, the target market for this foundation as I’ve read that it should be ideal for normal to mixed/oily skin. Mine has been heading towards oilier lately for some reason though, which is bringing certain challenges with makeup bases in general.

The new Blur foundation (as it is being called around here) has been compared to Dior Star Foundation and at least a couple of different Lancôme foundations – for a fraction of the price. Beauty experts and bloggers have been praising this foundation as Lumene’s big hit and a favorite for the budget markets. It’s priced at around 16 euros in Finland, which is about what you pay for L’Oréal around here, for example. So, the price is not bad at all. Of course, Lumene is designed for the “scandinavian skintones”, meaning that there are 6 shades available, which aren’t all that dark. Of course, if you applied the darkest shade on me, I would likely become unreckognizable. I selected the shade 0 (Light Ivory) without even a thought.

Lumene Blur

Here I am at the office, approximately 3,5 hours after first applying the foundation – and after patting it down a bit with a tissue. Tissues seem to be the key with this foundation on my skin… It actually applied almost matte when I put it on in the morning, though I finished it off with a layer of powder. I still had to re-powder my face about an hour later, before leaving for work (yes, I like slow mornings). I lost count as to how many times throughout the day I patted my face a bit, but I tried to avoid re-powdering and only did that a couple of times during the 10 hours that it was on me before heading home.

Lumene Blur

The picture above (looks goofy) was taken about 7,5 hours after applying the foundation. My eyeshadow had clumped itself into the grease pretty well – not sure if primer would have fixed that, but I had not applied any in the morning. I do have to admit, that this foundation does do an outstanding job at hiding my giant pores. Possibly the best job at it that anything ever has done. They’re still there, but they’re not the main attraction!

Almost 10 hours since applying the foundation. I felt a bit like melting, as I did a few times throughout the day and I did look a bit like melting too as I was getting shiney pretty damn quickly with this thing on. If you are very particular about your face, you might feel comfortable with patting it down a bit every hour – which to me, feels like a lot of work. Now, if your skin is normal, however… I think you might have found something great in Lumene Blur. For me, it’s a bit of a pain in the backside, but at the same time, it does do a damn good job with those pores – thanks to the silicones. I would prefer not to apply silicone on my face, but hey, with most foundations, you can’t avoid it.

Lumene Blur

In the picture above, I was ready to head home. I had fixed my base a bit (tissues & powder), reapplied my lipstick and generally tried to look a bit less all over the place. So the base can handle being fixed up a lot at least! And it did still look pretty decent after about 11 hours of wear. In fact, despite the shine, it was still pretty much intact when I washed it off after approximately 15 hours of wear, so sure, their promise of 16 hours of wear can be believable – if you don’t mind the fixing up OR if you do happen to have been blessed with a non-problematic skin.

I have read that it’s not a particularly good foundation for dry skin though, which I find a bit surprising, because I don’t see this as drying at all. I think the problem is mainly with when you spread it. The foundation is quite liquid-y, but at the same time kind of heavy to apply. A little goes a long way too, you don’t want to end up caking it on!

I’m going to keep on testing this, because I am finding many good things about it already. The only downside for me is the upkeep it requires… I wish I could somehow combine the blurring effect of this with the great feeling and longevity of the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation! Then I would have my perfect base… ahhh!

PS. Also featured on the post, the Lumene Gel Effect nail polish in 37 Starry Nights and a super long lasting Lumene Raspberry Miracle SHINE Lipstick in 109 Chilly Night which seriously even fades out looking gorgeous!


I have finally tried NYX Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Gloss

Here they are. My very first, much raved about NYX Butter Gloss lip glosses. Two of them. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to trying to order these babies sooner – after all, people have been writing about them for ages. You can find a huge amount of reviews, swatches and what not online about these glosses, but hey, I thought I would toss in my two cents as well. Of course, we don’t sell NYX in Finland for some reason, so I had to order mine online, so they were delivered from Sweden, where it is actually sold – even has its own boutique! Whyyyyy, Finland, whyyyyy?!

NYX Butter Gloss Maple Blondie and Cherry Pie

At least my order came very quickly, along with a body spray from Victoria’s Secret (also not sold in Finland) and an EOS lip balm – the minty one (also not sold in Finland – I think). Of course, I wanted to buy all the shades, but in case I would hate them for some reason, I opted for only two. And of course, I don’t have like 200 euros to quickly throw into makeup. Bummer. The two shades I chose were Maple Blondie, which is described as a peachy color on NYX website, but which looked pink to my eyes online, and Cherry Pie which is simply red.

NYX Butter Gloss swatches Maple Blondie and Cherry Pie

I was quite surprised by the amount of pigment these glosses pack! They’re no average glosses now are they? I chose these two shades on purpose. I wanted to see if the quality and the pigment would be varying between different colors, which I thought would be a reasonably valid concern after witnessing many lip glosses simply not have any pigment when it comes down to lighter shades. My worries were quickly washed away as I applied my first layer of Maple Blondie – it was pigmented and I could even layer it a bit. Also, the shade looks like a very pinky peach to me, which works out fine for me as peach is not my number one hue, but when mixed with pink, it works quite nicely!

NYX Butter Gloss Maple Blondie

As far as the texture and consistency goes, I quite like these two. They feel quite light and moisturizing on the lips, very pleasant, a bit like lip balm. There’s little to no “stickiness” and they apply quite easily and smoothly. As said, you can layer these up for a more opaque look or wear them as just a bit of color and shine. The wear time isn’t amazing, but then again, these are glosses, so I don’t really expect it. Because these both smell so good, I don’t mind reapplying! On the plus side, they also fade really nicely and evenly, even if they do so unfortunately quickly (after about 2 hours, the difference is already noticeable).

NYX Butter Gloss Cherry Pie

In general, I really like these glosses. They definitely go straight to the top of my lip gloss favorites – if not to the top of all lip makeup! Funny, considering the short wear time. I think that NYX is definitely on to something here though. They’ve even managed to make these smell so good that they become addictive…! Out of the two, I would have to say Cherry Pie is my favorite, because it’s a great way to wear a classic red lip without looking overly severe. I love red lipsticks, but I often feel like wearing the red lip just needs a different setting than say… office cubicle. This gloss allows me to go for the red, but in a more subtle way – even if the shine is kind of eye catching!

Here are a couple of pictures of me wearing the shades (at the office). Excuse the terrible hair and just look at the shades!

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a Butter Gloss collection?

Lumene Clear It Up! Deep Purifying Wash Face & Eyes

Lumene Clear It Up!

What a monster name! Regardless, this was one of the products I received from September’s LivBox. Basically, the product is designed for “young skin, against pimples and impurities”, so as a woman turning 31 this week, I may not be in the target group, but I decided to give this a try anyway since I was sort of on the market for a simple cleanser for when I wash my face in the shower. Here’s what I thought!

Lumene Clear It Up! Deep Purifying Wash Face & Eyes (6,90 € / 150 ml)

Packaging: Clearly targeted for a younger audience, as all of the Clear It Up! -line’s products are super colorful and modern-looking. A 150 ml plastic tube with a very simple look.

Scent: Soft, reasonably mild, slightly fruity.

Consistency: A pretty much clear gel, doesn’t foam. Soft and smooth on the skin.

For whom: Targeted at teens, perhaps early 20’s, for those who suffer from impurities.


What do I think: I was really surprised by this product. I was expecting a very strongly scented, highly foaming, skin drying kind of a mess to come out, but instead I got a softly scented (apricot comes to mind), non-foaming and non-drying cleanser that does a great job at washing up your makeup including eye makeup (though not my extra long wearing liner). I was so sure that this would be a miss with me, being a product designed for teens, but either my skin is acting younger than I am or the product is more versatile than advertized, because I can’t think of negative things to say about this! It does a good job cleansing, but after shower my skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable, which often happens with this type of cleansers. My skin is mixed, pretty normal skin that tends to go a bit oily throughout the day and this worked just fine for me!

Would I purchase: I don’t think the price is bad at all, I think it’s very affordable and you need less of this product at a time than you might think. If I were in a pinch to find a cleanser for a trip or something, this would quickly be my number one choice, since it’s available at supermarkets and it’s efficient enough to take off all of my makeup. I also enjoy having this type of a product in the shower, so yes, I would purchase this! Props on the scent!


Easy & affordable – Urtekram hand creams


I’ve been getting a bit giddy lately as I see more and more natural cosmetics products reaching the shelves of my local super markets to compete with the big brands, like L’Oréal and Nivea. Urtekram, the Danish natural cosmetics brand has especially become prominent in the Finnish market. I like Urtekram as a brand. Their packaging is simple, colorful and modern, which I really appreciate! Stands out nicely amongst all products, not just natural cosmetics.


I’ve already written about the unscented Urtekram hand cream (above) before here, but I have really been enjoying it at work. It’s fast-drying, well moisturizing and there’s no scent to bother my colleagues either. Recently, I also bought the Aloe Vera version of the Urtekram hand cream, which I took with me for a trip to my mom’s.


The Aloe Vera hand cream has about the same consistency as its unscented partner and it too absorbs very quickly, leaving the hands moisturized, but also ready for work. The packaging has now acquired the Leaping Bunny symbol as well, which makes me very happy! The Aloe Vera hand cream is also suitable for vegans, which is extremely cool since so many hand creams and lotions in general end up using some animal based ingredients. The Aloe Vera hand cream is loaded up with some nice incredients, like (obviously) aloe vera, almond oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, sweet orange oil, lemongrass oil, magnolia bark extract and vitamin E. The cream is made 25% of organically farmed ingredients – same applies to the unscented version as well.

The Urtekram hand creams go for about 5-6 euros here in Finland, which isn’t too bad for natural cosmetics, in my opinion. Definitely worth the money, I’d say!

Have you tried Urtekram’s hand creams? Do you like them?

Lumene Hydra Drops Moisturizing Foundation review


A while ago I found myself in a bit of a pickle as I was heading out of town for the weekend. I had planned for a quick stop for some natural deodorant on the way, but as I was shopping for the deo, I realized I had successfully left my kabuki brushes at home, though I had packed my minerals with me. Since buying new brushes from a supermarket didn’t seem like the best idea (especially when the ones that would have been suitable were about 20 euros a pop), I opted for checking out the liquid foundation section. I haven’t really been using liquid foundations for ages and considering that my only worthwhile choices were by Lumene and Natural Code (a slightly more affordable branch of Lumene), I picked up the one Lumene foundation I saw having a shade 0. This foundation happened to be a moisturizing foundation. My skin doesn’t exactly need much moisturizing, but I got it anyway, as I was prepared to just powder the heck out of myself during the weekend…


Lumene Hydra Drops Moisturizing Foundation (30 ml / 14,90 €)

Packaging: I’ve unfortunately never been a huge fan of the Lumene packaging, it tends to be quite dull and not very luxurious at all. Not something I like to keep on my “beauty desk”, but hey, I didn’t buy it for the looks of it!

Scent: Clean, rather mild. Lumene has always had pretty nice, non-pushy scents in their foundations.

Consistency: Thin, but manageable, super light-weight. Feels refreshing. Best applied with fingers, in my opinion. Contains Finnish spring water.

Coverage: Light, a lot like many BB creams. I haven’t tried layering this up, but I think this is best used as a light, thin layer for skin that doesn’t need much coverage. Does even out the tone of the skin though and leaves the skin looking natural and fresh. I would suggest a primer, if like me, you have a mixed skin. This will leave your skin a bit shiny and I personally need to give my face a light dusting of powder afterwards. I would imagine this to be ideal for its target audience: women with dry skin. Offers SPF 4.

Shade: Of course I would choose shade 0, Vanilla Beige, which is the lightest of them all. In Finland it’s sold in 6 shades, none of which are very dark. Shade 0 looks like a pretty nice, neutral pale hue that would suit most pale skin tones.


Sampled on my tanned (!) hand.

Durability: With a coat of powder, I have found this to be surprisingly durable, even on my mixed skin. I do have to apply powder on my oilier areas throughout the day, but in general this does seem to manage through the work day pretty well! Primer helps with staying power, of course.


  • Light-weight and moisturizing, as promised
  • Looks very natural
  • Doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky
  • Comes in a very light shade for the palest of the pale
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Not badly priced
  • Not tested on animals (and not sold in China)


  • Not suitable for those looking for (thicker) coverage
  • Doesn’t necessarily have a shade for darker skin tones
  • May not be sold around the world
  • Does not (in my opinion) work with oily skin, even though the package says all skin types


Summary: A very pleasant, light foundation for those with dry skin (or possibly up to mixed skin). Evens out the skin tone and gives you a very lovely, dewy finish. Even though I’m not at the target group of this foundation, I’m loving it more every day as I love how good it makes my skin look. You can really see the hydration – and feel it. It has been leaving my skin looking soft as a baby’s bottom (I hear they are quite soft) while evening out my skin tone quite well. I like the fresh scent, I like how easily and well this applies and blends when applied with fingers (my favorite method) and I appreciate the staying power! I read that this was at one point discontinued and replaced with a Vitamin C -foundation, but due to great demand, this was brought back to the market. No doubt, it was a good call!

Who would I recommend to: Anyone with dry to normal skin at least. Anyone struggling to find a shade pale enough. Anyone looking for a bit of coverage and a more even skin tone while still maintaining a natural look.

Would I repurchase: Yes, especially now that winter is coming (no pun intended) and my skin will likely benefit from some added moisture.

Cattier Paris Clay Mask For Sensitive Skin


Cattier amongst the stone cats. I couldn’t resist. The cats were originally a gift to my mom from one of her clients, but I asked for them some years ago because I thought they were just way too adorable somehow. Enough about the cats though, let’s look at the Cattier Paris Clay Mask For Sensitive Skin!


Cattier Paris Clay Mask For Sensitive Skin (100 ml / 8,50 €)

The Cattier Pink Clay Facial Mask is a gentle treatment for sensitive and reactive skins, allowing these to enjoy the guarantee of a “healthy looking complexion”. Enriched with Shea Butter, known for its restorative, anti-drying and protective properties, and with Peppermint, for its refreshing and stimulating action, it softens and nourishes the epidermis and clarifying the skin. Due to the high content of micro-nutrients present in the clay, it provides the minerals and oligo elements needed for a beauty, glowing complexion. (Cattier Paris website)

Main active ingredients: Pink clay, Organic shea butter, Organic peppermint extract, Lactic acid (vegetable), Aloe vera.


Packaging: Simple, clean, white, green and pink 100 ml tube. Nothing too fancy.

Scent: Mostly roses. I don’t normally like rose-scented cosmetics (and I must be alone in this), but I quite like the very natural scent of this product.

Texture: Thick, paste-like.

How does it work: Apply the Pink Clay Mask in a thick coat over the face and neck, avoiding the eye and lip areas. Leave on for approximately 10 minutes without allowing the mask to dry on the skin. Rinse off with tepid water and dry the skin with a cotton towel. Complete the treatment by applying the moisturising cream Secret Botanique. (Cattier Paris website)

I personally struggle with keeping the mask from drying as it seems to want to dry up in just a couple of minutes. My skin doesn’t seem to mind it drying though as afterwards it still feels very clean and delightfully soft. I feel as if the clay mask would be able to somewhat repair my skin and balance it out. Certainly doesn’t seem irritating to the skin!


To sum it up: Despite the problem I have with the mask drying up on my face, I do quite like this product. I was hoping for it to be more moisturizing though, as it is, it feels rather purifying and balancing, but not that moisturizing. A good mask to use when your skin just needs a little “pick-me-up” – or when you just want to relax and smell the roses… I feel the product is also reasonably priced and the 100 ml feels like it will go a long a way. A very nice, cleansing and balancing treatment for the sensitive skin!

Would I buy again: Yes, though I might wish to try the other clay masks (by Cattier) as well. I feel that the product is of good quality and well priced and as such, I’m a fan!

Who would I recommend it to: Though the product is meant for sensitive skin, I would recommend it for everyone who would like a lovely, rose-scented cleansing mask that balances out your skin a bit.

terre d’Oc Argan Butter

terre d'Oc Argan Butter

I got this terre d’Oc Argan Butter from my last LivBox as a thank you for being a long-term subscriber. I fell in love with the colorful tin immediately – and the scent was pleasant as well! I ended up struggling with getting the tin open, until I eventually twisted one of the “flaps” out a bit to get a grip. I didn’t notice any opening instructions anywhere, so I improvised. It was only later (and after taking these pictures) that I found out you can actually very simply open the tin by pressing the top of it down… Oops. Thankfully I have been able to twist the “flap” back down pretty well.

terre d’Oc Argan Butter (20g / 11,00 €)

Packaging: As mentioned, I do love the packaging. I’m crazy about little tins and even more so when they come so full of colors! The funny thing is, that the tin is only 20g and this is advertized as a body butter. Not much for a body butter, huh? However, a little seems to go a long way.

Scent: According to one site that sells this, the scent is that of orange blossoms, but since I’ve never sniffed an orange blossom, I can’t say if that assessment is accurate or not. Regardless of that, the scent is quite mild and pleasant. Somehow creamy and flowery all at once. Soft.

Consistency: This surprised me! I was expecting the same kind of texture as The Body Shop’s body butters, but this was more like the texture of coconut oil prior to being warmed up by your skin. As I applied the product onto my skin, it started to resemble dry oil. It gives a certain kind of shine to the skin, but it doesn’t feel greasy. The butter starts absorbing reasonably quickly when I try it on my hands and cuticles. It’s more of a dry oil than a body butter, if you ask me!

How does it work: I’ve been using this to treat my extremely dry cuticles at work. Sometimes I also rub a bit on my hands (not palms though) and let it work its magic while I work. It feels like it nourishes my cuticles very well and softens my skin. I could imagine this working wonders on dry elbows and such as well!

Summary: Works well on moisturizing small, dry areas of skin, such as the cuticles. It feels like it nourishes and even repairs the skin. I would love to take this little tin with me everywhere, but unfortunately the product contains sesame seed oil, which my husband is terribly allergic to, so I have to limit the use of this to work, mostly. I don’t want to accidentally cause him to break out in hives! I’m certain that once I have used this up (though it looks like it will be a looooong while!), I will find another use for the pretty thing – perhaps as a place to store my medicine on the go. It’s also worth noting that terre d’Oc products are eco-certified natural cosmetics – which really makes me appreciate the product even more.

Would I buy again: Well, I didn’t buy this one to begin with and unfortunately, due to the sesame seeds, I won’t be buying this in the future. I do still really like the product though and I wish I could buy it, because it does work really well on my cuticles!

Who I would recommend this to: Generally anyone who has problems with dry skin, really.

got2b guardian angel

I rarely blow-dry my hair, especially during summer when it’s just too hot to do, but I do use a straightener or curler now and then and I acknowledge that I should use a heat protector of some sort. After seeing a few good reviews, I opted for the Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel heat protection some months ago. Yes, months. This product is still almost full, because it has mostly spent its days sitting in my bathroom haircare basket unused, yet I haven’t dared to throw it away, because it’s almost unused and I had been hoping that I had just been doing something wrong and that it should be good.

got2b guardian angel (200ml / approx. 8 €)

Packaging: A reasonably sized, tall and slender black plastic spray bottle with a bit of gold decoration and white text. Probably aimed at a younger (and possibly cooler) clientele than I, but none the less, I find the packaging to be alright. The curve of the bottle provides a decent grip.

Promise: “Protect your sizzling styles with got2b guardian angel with up to 220’C heat protection, your hair will be invincible when using hot irons + blow dryers. So, go ahead and create your hair styles, now you have your own guardian angel protecting you! Be divine and shine!”

Scent: I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. It’s not entirely what I would hope for my hair to smell like, but it’s better than in a lot of the heat protection sprays I’ve sniffed. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who are quite sensitive of scents though! It can be overpowering.

What does it do: My hair is naturally wavy, at times a bit frizzy and medium-thick. For me… this product was unfortunately little more than a hot mess. I have tried to use it before blow drying, but it just leaves my hair feeling like straw. Hard and also a bit sticky. For some reason this just doesn’t seem to work on my hair at all. I’m not seeing any shine added to my hair and it even ends up looking quite… dry, to be honest. Many people have used this and loved this, but it’s certainly not the product for me. Shame, because it sounded good enough on paper!

Would I repurchase: No. I don’t see myself using this, because of the way it makes my hair feel. It just creeps me out, sorry, got2b.

I want to love these, but…


These two lip glosses. I want to love them. But… somehow they have both been lying in my makeup drawer pretty much untouched for months. Why? I am more of a lipstick or should I say jumbo pen kind of a girl these days, but now and then I do go for a glossy gloss, though it is always risky when it’s windy and you wear eye glasses… and have hair. My gloss use has dwindled down greatly over the years, because about 5 years back I wore nothing but glosses. These days they are only a very tiny portion of my lip makeup selection! But why do I not love these two?


Burt’s Bees / MUA Makeup Academy

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine in Blush (020)

This should be like the lip gloss for me, but I can’t seem to use it. It’s cruelty free and all natural and it doesn’t smell unpleasant (though the scent is quite sweet), yet I just can’t fall in love. It provides a great amount of shine and it’s not that sticky, though you do feel it on your lips. Obviously, as a shine, the staying power isn’t that great, but that’s usually what you get with shines. I got this from a LivBox some months ago and I was super excited, but yeah, as I said, it’s just been sitting in my makeup drawer since. When I wear it, I keep tasting it and I’m not loving that. I think that may be why I don’t wear it. I also feel that a gloss in a tube is more of something out of my teen self’s makeup kit than something a grown woman (?) should own. I wish it gave my lips more color too, because I think the fact that it doesn’t really show up on my lips has something to do with why I haven’t tried that hard to love it.

Burt's Bees / MUA Makeup Academy

Burt’s Bees / MUA Makeup Academy

MUA Makeup Academy Sheer Finish Lip Gloss in Some Me Time

I knew it said sheer finish lip gloss, but I guess I still wished for some color. Unfortunately, this gives you pretty much nothing. This only cost me about a euro, so it doesn’t bother me that much that this gloss doesn’t seem to get much use. I really should put in a bit more of an effort though, because compared to the Burt’s Bees one, this feels nicer. This feels more light and moisturizing instead of sticky. In fact, this is not sticky at all. The scent reminds me a bit of maybe some kind of a strawberry cream candy, but I don’t keep tasting the gloss as I wear it, unlike with the Burt’s Bees. All in all, this should be a really nice gloss, yet I just don’t seem to wear it. Is it, again, just the fact that it gives my lips pretty much no color and I just seem to need color? Because this gloss is definitely the best you can get with a euro or two. I need to find some use for this one!

So, out of the two, the MUA one is my favorite by far, but perhaps the lack of pigment is the reason as to why it hasn’t seen much use. I should perhaps get another in a darker color, because I really like the feel this gloss has.

Do you have products you want to love, but just… don’t?

The Body Shop: Divide & Multiply Mascara

The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara

The Body Shop’s Divide & Multiply Mascara. It caught my eye at the Body Shop’s sale a while ago, though I wasn’t even needing a mascara as I had been quite happily using my Isadora All Day Long Lash mascara – 2nd tube in a row, which indicates that it must be pretty good. I hadn’t tried a TBS mascara in ages (like 12 years?) and thought I’d give one of them a go, since I was curious. The Divide & Multiply Mascara was on sale for 10 euros, which, by Finland’s stardards is practically a bargain for a mascara, so it was an easy choice. I noticed that this mascara had one of those rubbery wands I’ve grown to love and I figured it must be good! I’ve now had a couple of weeks to play with it so I’ve been able to form a pretty good opinion on it. So let’s get to it!

The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara  (10 ml)

Promise: “A multiplying genius. Separates, defines and gives ultra-glossy lashes without clumping or flaking.”

Packaging: A khaki-colored plastic tube with a silvery applicator end. Simple and neat, nothing spectacular, but I like it.

Applicator: Quite thin, plastic wand with short plastic bristles that are close together. Comes out of the tube quite clean. You may want to take care applying the mascara as if you brush it on the skin and then go about fixing it with a cotton swab, you easily end up clumping your lashes together in the process!

The Body Shop: Divide & Multiply Mascara

Effect: Indeed does a fine job separating and defining the lashes. The lashes end up feeling quite soft and natural, but the due to the softness, the mascara can’t provide much in terms of curling the lashes. For a very wide-awake look (or for those with very straight lashes) I would recommend curlers. Applying a second coat also helps a bit. I haven’t managed to get any clumps out of this though, so also for that part it does what it promises. I’m not really seeing that much of a multiplying effect, but I would say the mascara gives that “your lashes, but slightly better” kind of look that I personally quite like on days when I’m not doing a very full makeup anyway.

Durability: Some reviews I’ve read had said that the mascara tends to flake out during the day, but so far I haven’t noticed any flaking. Then again, I only normally use one layer of mascara, which might affect the results somewhat. I wear my mascara starting around 7 am and often washing it off around 10 pm, but I expect my mascara to at least get me through my work day, so approximately until 4:30 or 5 pm. On very hot and humid days I’ve noticed some smudging under the eye come afternoon, but no flaking.

Removability: Well, plain water only gives you horrifying panda eyes. Oil-based makeup remover (my TBS Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil) + shower leaves me with somewhat of panda eyes. Eye makeup remover is the way to go with this one. Mine is designed for waterproof makeup and it has no trouble removing this one. No rubbing required there!

The Body Shop: Divide & Multiply Mascara

Overall: Does pretty much what it promises to do, but could still do a bit better with wearability. Great for those looking to get natural-looking lashes – and who don’t need their mascara to survive sweating, swimming or intense humidity. I also wouldn’t recommend this for those seeking for a mascara that gives you a good amount of volume, because this doesn’t really offer you much in terms of that. It does offer some extra lenght for your lashes though, without making them look “spidery”. I have to also say that it works better on the days when I wear mineral foundation – on the days when I’ve worn the BB cream it has definitely smudged more and quicker. Some other reviews had complained about the smell of the product, but at least mine doesn’t smell in any way foul… I never find mascaras to be particularly good-smelling and as such, I don’t smell anything odd about this one either. Bottom line is that this is a reasonable mascara for those seeking for definition and a bit more of a natural look – but if you are expecting volume, don’t bother.

I would rank it 8 / 10.