An Old Photograph

Today was Fathers’ Day here in Finland. I was remembering my dad, cooked a meal that he would have liked, had he been around and lit a candle for him. He was a pretty special man with endless amounts of patience and the will to help all those in need while asking nothing in return. As a father he wasn’t all lovey-dovey and cuddly, but he wasn’t by any means unkind. He was reserved, but at the same time, there was never any doubt about how much he cared for me and my sisters. He was a great cook and a great driver, full of great advice. He was very reassuring when it seemed like nothing was working out and he had the ability to make everything seem alright. He was hard-working and street smart and definitely someone to look up to. I was lucky to have him in my life for almost 30 years. I miss him dearly.

Here is a picture of him from late 1950’s. He looks very dapper. You’ll never guess where I got my eyebrows from..?

My father, late 1950's.

My father, late 1950’s.


Late Sunday night

Pictures from this week

I started this week feeling quite ill, sleeping poorly and being very worried and stressed out. I couldn’t eat much and I had to stick to very basic things, as most everything was making me nauseous for some reason. I have been recovering throughout the week and it seems that I’ve just been suffering from a very persistent cold. I ordered some goodies from NordicFeel, through which I was able to get a few things not generally sold in Finland (like physically sold), such as a Victoria’s Secret Enchanted Apple fragrance mist, two NYX Butter Glosses and a minty EOS lip balm – all of which I love.

I have spent some quality time with myself (hah) wrapped up in blankets and sitting around in candle light. Partly, because I’ve been chilly and party because I was looking for a cozy, relaxing time. My Click and Grow herbs are growing at a rapid pace (more on that later too) and I enjoy watching them develop.

Despite annoying, stressful and blah moments, I’ve also had many good moments through the week and once I got my appetite back, I celebrated by making some waffles and pizza. Yeah.

Also, my poodle has the cutest little heart-shaped paws… I mean the paw pads. D’awww.

Now, I’m going to go and get some delicious sleep. I hope! Have a good week all!

A small moment

A small moment

I have been on a bit of a hiatus from my English blog. I won’t lie, it has been good. It has given me perspective, peace and clarity – all good things. Lately, I feel like I’ve really been getting things. Like, just getting life, you know? Things make sense. I feel very zen. Sounds kind of strange, perhaps. I have distanced myself a bit about the buy buy buy and the do do do and the pretty pretty pretty. I have embraced The Moment. Several, The Moments, actually. Moments, like a laid-back, no rush Saturday morning, just relaxing in bed with both of my darlings (husband & dog), a morning I haven’t stopped to have in a very long time. The perfect bowl of blueberries in the middle of a busy work day. Cozying up underneath a warm, hand-knit poncho, while watching a good TV show in candle light.

This morning, I had one of those small moments. I had a hard time getting up and kind of a crappy morning, but during my drive to work, there was one excellent moment. The radio played Ellie Goulding’s You My Everything and the sun was rising in beautiful colors of red and gold. I quite enjoy driving and a every day I get to also drive over a beautiful lake and this morning, during the sunrise it was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that (I did try to drive safely after all), but I did snap a shot later on. As far as the lake is concerned, you just have to take my word for it. In any case, the moment that song was on, the sun was rising and I was driving… I felt so good and so alive.

We all need more small moments.

A couple of thoughts on a Sunday

Hey all. I just went an entire week without posting anything here. My mind has been filled with many thoughts during the past few days and pretty much none of them have been in any way beauty or cosmetics related. Many thoughts have been about my blogs (this English one, and my Finnish one) and how to proceed with them. Lately, my time has been spent just simply unwinding, relaxing, gathering my strength and well… not blogging. I posted one post on my Finnish blog, but I didn’t also post it in this English one, which I don’t normally do. It’s because it was a laid back product review on products I don’t think are in the market outside of Finland. This is actually something I run into a lot. I enjoy reading foreign blogs, but yes, I admit, I feel a bit of a sting every time I see something in a blog, that I know I can’t even get shipped to Finland (or at least not without a great hassle and expenses). I have also been blogging about some things that may well not be available everywhere and I feel that’s a bit unfair too.

I also have to admit that I don’t really seem to have the time or the energy to properly maintain two blogs – and it’s rather annoying at times to basically write the same things twice, just in different languages. I do enjoy using English and writing in English and sometimes I feel that I can only really express myself in English (as freaky as that may be), but at the same time, I feel like at least in the cosmetics department, I’m kind of running out of material, as it were, as most products I use these days are either natural cosmetics or brands from Finland or Sweden (that are not necessarily available everywhere).

So. I’m looking at you, dear readers! Do you want to read about cosmetics you can’t necessarily get your hands on? Would you want to read about other aspects in my life (and no, I wouldn’t necessarily go into gaming or anything like that!)? What do you generally wish to read about?

Sunday Summary

Sunday SummaryThis week I…

  • Had to take 2 sick days (Monday & Tuesday) as my stupidly persistent sinus infection wasn’t just clearing off as well as it was supposed to. I’ve been suffering from it all week and I still don’t feel 100% healthy, but I’m also tired of laying around so… business as usual!
  • Got lovely “Get well soon!” -flowers from my husband on Monday and they’re still going strong!
  • Had quite a bit of work to catch up to, which is hardly a surprise after missing a few days.
  • Moved my office to the new space upstairs – out of the kitchen! It’s pretty amazing what a new space can do for your spirits!
  • Enjoyed slow walks in the forest with the dog – best kind of post sickness therapy.
  • Ate some lovely “bear’s raspberries”, which are much like boysenberries in terms of looks, but are not the same berry.
  • Also ate some delicious mint chocolate, which cures all sour moods.
  • And I ate delicious salad as well!
  • After all the moody nail polish colors of late, I decided to go for a nude pink shade with a touch of glitter once I got better.

Sunday Summary

  • Made silly faces for my own amusement (I’m easy to entertain?).
  • Fell in love with an old berry colored lipstick and then ended up buying some more.
  • Learned how to use a felt tip eye liner, which I thought I couldn’t do because of my poor eyesight.
  • Made Sunday’s dinner – salmon, potatoes and some corn. Simple and delicious!

Looking forward to next week and feeling less ill!


Alright. It’s been pretty quiet here for a while, but I’ve had a pretty intense time being ill as of late. I finally saw a doctor last Friday who diagnosed me with a pretty serious sinus infection and once I got a hold of those antibiotics, it was as if all hell had broken loose. I won’t go into details (because they are rather gross), but I’ll say that I’ve been sicker than I have been in ages over the past few days. Today was the first day since Friday that I’ve felt a bit more like a person and survived by only napping twice – as opposed to falling asleep practically mid-sentence all weekend.

I just simply haven’t had the energy to blog, but hopefully I’ll get back on track soon. I still have a mild fever and general feeling of blargh, but I think I’m getting there!

I’ll leave you with a picture of the flowers my husband got me today. He went for a root canal (poor baby) and came back with “get well soon”-flowers for me. D’aww!


Summing up last week

So, my summary of the (last) week is late and it’s been pretty quiet here in general, but I’ve been battling with some sort of a sinus infection and sitting around typing hasn’t been on the list of things I desperately want to do, sorry about that. I have high hopes that I’ll be doing better soon (I’ve had headache on and off like every day for the past 3 weeks(!) now) and back to blogging.

Last week I…

  • worked longer days than usual, but got off earlier on Friday
  • kept feeling ill, but not ill enough to stay home
  • just went and bought the pieces of IsaDora´s autumn makeup collection I’ve wanted the most
  • enjoyed the launch of Sims4 (yes, I’m that person)
  • consumed a good amount of painkillers (which I normally never take)
  • comsumed a good amount of tea
  • bought some vitamins
  • didn’t get much sleep, until weekend
  • found out my car really needs an oil change
  • got all annoyed about my hair again, this time especially about the color of it (uneven)

My favorite pic of the week: “Fairytale forest”

Sunday Summary

This week I…

  • had a really busy, yet versatile work week, with a lot of new info coming my way.
  • wished at times that it wasn’t so wet outside, because I couldn’t get as much walking in as I would’ve wanted to.
  • spent some time thinking about decorating our home and also took a few steps to do so.
  • wished my car would accelerate quicker. (I love the car, but the acceleration could seriously be much better!)
  • wore my winter boots for the first time.
  • swapped summery nails into gloomy autumn ones.
  • headed off to see my mom and some friends in my old home town.
  • ate far too much during the weekend.
  • drove approximately 600 km.
  • have felt a bit under the weather the whole week, but not enough to take a sick day.
  • might have upset my dog as I wanted him to wear my scarf for a moment…


Grey day


It seems to have rained forever – but I don’t mind. The autumn is here. It’s time to wrap myself in a nice jacket, dig out those boots and put on a scarf. It’s time to paint the nails in moody, dramatic dark hues and move on to berry lipsticks. I feel full of creativity and thought and I have a new found appreciation for that nice, warm cup of tea. The poodle would rather stay indoors than get his curls wet. He finds the bed to be a far better place than the soggy forest paths. Right now, I’m tempted to agree with him…

Sunday Summary

wpid-img_20140824_195933.jpgIt’s been a bit of a more quiet week now in terms of the blog, but I’ve had a very busy week otherwise. Most of the week has been spent trying to figure out how to function with my new, short hair. It’s so odd to go for a walk with the poodle without a hair tie and it’s so strange to wash my hair when it feels like I´m running out of hair as soon as I start! I also had a not-so-fun time waiting for an electrician to show up on Wednesday to fix the light and the fan above the stove. First, they called me when they were already here and I was of course at work and Mike at school, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I then had to leave work before noon to go let them in as they were supposed to finally be able to come by again at noon. It was either that or no service at all (nice terms, guys!). So, I was home just before noon and when do the guys show up? At 1 PM. No rush. Yeah.

In general, work was quite hectic all week and on Thursday most of the day was spent doing fun off-work activities with my colleagues, such as eating at our favorite Greek restaurant (delicious, delicious food!) and bowling in the dark. I was feeling ill all morning, but all that Greek food worked as a great pick-me-up and I actually did a pretty good job bowling, though I hadn’t done any since like 1998…

Yesterday was spent mostly at Ikea where we (for once) just leisurely walked around absorbing ideas and selecting some items for the home. I have been desperately needing a new comfortable office chair for months and my bedroom “beauty desk” broke down during/after the move and was really unsafe, so I also bought a new desk. I also finally bought the black and white blanket I’ve got my eye on for like 2 years – it was now on sale. We also bought some new dishes, black stoneware, and some new drinking glasses in a smokey black/grey shade, which I love.

Today was spent organizing and cleaning the home as well as sorting out my new “beauty desk” and its contents. Also did the weekly grocery shopping, which is always quite a huge chore, but somehow very satisfying to get the fridge stocked up!

Plans for the week to come include a trip to one of our suppliers/importers at work and my co-worker’s birthday. We’re also probably heading over to visit my mother towards the end of the week as I have Friday off and Mike may have his off as well.