Snow White’s Wedding

Last weekend I was approached by a rather curious proposal that came from a very unlikely source, is a site that aims to make wedding planning simple – and fun. I have to say I know nothing of wedding planning, I’ve never had to do it and to be honest, I’m not much of a planner to begin with. I always want everything to happen as soon as I get the idea for them, so planning a wedding event for like a year or two in advance seems crazy to me, but I think I’m in the minority in this. From what I’ve heard and seen (mostly on US TV), wedding planning is often far from easy and simple – or fun. It’s often a very stressful time for everyone involved, so I’m glad that is working on making the whole process a bit less of a hassle.

I would say that the biggest wedding-related hassle for most brides-to-be must be picking the right dress. After all, you will be seen in that dress in front of everyone on a day that is mostly about you. Honestly, nobody seems to pay that much attention to the grooms at weddings, perhaps because their attire is always pretty similar! Wedding gowns however… they are the deal. When suggested I would combine a dress with a makeup look for a wedding, my first instinct was “Why me?! I know nothing of weddings, dresses or makeup?!”, though I guess I know a bit about makeup. However… after I sat on the thought for a brief moment (again with my instant action), I realized it could be quite fun to challenge myself with something like this.

When I headed over to to look at the dresses featured, I was overwhelmed again and wondered what did I get myself into. For a while, I had no idea what sort of a dress I could want for the look, until… it hit me! Snow White. When I got married, 7 years ago, I basically picked the first dress that was about the right fit without need for alterations or anything. I actually did not want a wedding dress at all, but at the time, in my little town, there was nothing beautiful and plus size that didn’t seem matronly. The dress I ended up with I did love, even though it did give me a slight cream-cake like appearance, in my opinion. When I wore the dress, people kept saying I looked like Snow White, even though my hair was red. Something about my dress reminded everyone of the Disney Princess! My own dress was off the shoulder, white with deep red detailing. The neckline was entirely adorned with small red and white roses, which were also scattered throughout the flowing part of my dress. It had a slight corset to it and it went along my own natural waist line. It was very beautiful! Not the dress I would choose now, but beautiful none the less. Now, I chose the dress I would actually wear, if I had the chance to do it all over again!


(click the image to go to, where this dress is featured!)

This dress spoke to me. This Monique Lhuillier dress is described as being ivory silk organza illusion neckline gown with natural waist, long sleeves and embroidered lace overlay. It is a rather formal wedding dress, but at the same time, there’s a certain winter-y lightness to it, due to the see-through bits that I find it versatile enough for many types of wedding. I love the belt detail at the natural waist, something that I personally would like to highlight, since I do actually have a waist. I like the cut of the dress, I think it could be flattering for many body types. The sheerness gives it lightness, the lace gives it intrigue and the sleeves and high neckline add a bit of modesty and vintage charm. It’s a dress of many dimensions, just like a woman has. At least I do! I would actually use that veil too, it is quite lovely and simple.

Snow White's Wedding

(click on the image to view the products on Polyvore)

As far as the hair goes, I would, if there were enough length in the bride’s hair, style it on a low, but rather full bun, allowing for the dress and the bride’s happiness to shine through! I would also add red shoes to the look for a “secret” pop of color underneath the dress. I chose two styles, ballerinas and little t-strap heels that would be comfortable enough for a bit of dancing as well. For the sake of the theme I chose, I also included a Valentino purse, because it would be the perfect choice for Snow White’s perfect day. Personally, I would opt for fake leather where I can, but of course, that is entirely up to the bride!

And then the makeup! This was an easy one! I wanted to choose products that would be both available in several countries (if not physically, at least through ordering online) and cruelty free. NYX is a very affordable, cruelty free brand with a wide range of products, so I would go with it – after all, weddings can be an expensive affair already, why blow a thousand dollars on makeup too? This look I chose can be modified to suit various skin tones. You don’t have to be as pasty white as Snow White herself to pull this look off! If you have very dark skin, I would swap the blush color I chose for something closer to your natural skin tone and same goes for the eyeshadow. The main focus of the look is on the red pout, for which I chose NYX Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo, which is a lovely red shade, perhaps a hint cool. If you need or want to use a lip liner, don’t hesitate to use it!
I would apply the blush very lightly on the apples of your cheeks and skip the bronzer – the look is about slightly enhanced natural beauty with the lips taking the main stage. I picked a slightly pink neutral matte eyeshadow that will just nicely even out the color of the eyelid and offer a good platform for nice black gel eyeliner. I would line the upper lash line thinly from the inner corner of the eye, making the line thicker as you head for the outer corner. If you want, you could make it a modest wing. Use a good couple of coats of your favorite, trustworthy mascara and you’re good to go.

If you feel like it, you can of course add to the look what you want / need, such as highlighters, primers, foundations, powders, etc. If you want and dare to, combine your dress with some red jewelry, such as the Carmen -line from Finnish brand Kalevalakoru. I wore the Carmen pendant in my wedding! They do deliver abroad – I should know, my husband ordered my necklace all the way to USA when I was visiting him!

I do hope you enjoy this little look I created and perhaps even got an idea for an upcoming wedding of yours! For me, this was a fun challenge and a delightful break to my usual routines.

PS. For a scent, I could recommend the Victoria’s Secret “Enchanted Apple” – it would go with the theme…

Wardrobe Wednesday – Feeling the fall

Autumn is hereI’ve officially accepted that Winter Is Coming. I mean… that the fall is here! It’s the end of August and while it should still be fairly warm, it’s very wet outside and when I leave in the morning it’s often also quite chilly. Today, I put on my old, black Vagabond boots for the first time this fall/winter. I love wearing boots, but I feel like I might have been a bit early this year – but at the same time, I really want to wear fall/winter stuff already! I have worn a jacket all week and I have stashed away my summer dresses and dug out my jeans instead. I’m also loving the light weight (yet warm) knits I ordered online when it was still summer.

I’m also starting to adjust to my new hair and it feels it has already grown a bit, even though it has been a mere 1,5 weeks since my cut. I feel like it’s starting to do its thing again and just work, which is nice. I need to fuss with it less. Also, my bangs feel slightly less ridiculous!

As fall (or winter) is coming, I’m happily switching to darker, muted colors and thicker, chunkier pieces in jewelry and clothing. I feel like fall is my season and I’m at my best when I get to layer up a bit! One thing I’m also really loving is my dark, moody nail polish, which is an old O.P.I. shade “We’ll Always Have Paris”, which is a very dark wine/purple/brown kind of hue. Oxblood, perhaps? Gloriously glossy and brooding. One of my favorite necklaces, the chain with spikes gets to make a comeback again as it pairs well with knits and heavy fabrics.

When fall comes, I always get comfortable with blacks, greys and jewel tones and those are the colors I feel the most comfortable with anyway. I do also love white, which I tend to wear throughout the year. In terms of my nails, I go for the dark wine hues, deep blues and purples and I dig out my glitters again (and then curse when I try to remove them).

Are you swapping your wardrobe out for fall/winter already? Is it chilly where you are? What are your fall essentials?

My favorite summer bracelets

My taste in jewelry changes now and then and as much as I love jewelry, I’m rarely wearing much of it. During summer I wear even less jewelry, because somehow it makes me feel even more uncomfortable when weather is hot (I’m not a fan of hot days). In any case, I thought I would show a few bracelets that I find myself wearing over and over these days.


The bracelet on the top left I wear all year round as it goes with everything. I got it as a Christmas gift from my mom a couple of years ago and I’ve really liked it since. It’s by Våga and it’s stretchy, so it’s easy to put on and take off, which I like. I really like the chunkiness of it, though I often wear quite delicate bracelets. It’s simple though!

The bracelet on the top right I bought from a summer sale a few years back when I was on a huge “must have all things blue”-kick. I think it only cost a couple of euros and I found it at a clothing store which had a small jewelry section. This bracelet just has summertime written all over it!

The bracelet with the turtle and the bird is called Tortuga and it’s from Kooky Gems, which I adore. I bought this during a campaign they had where a portion of the profits went to animal welfare. They often do campaigns like that and that’s usually when I strike! I already have a list of items I’d love to buy from Kooky Gems once I can! Last time we moved, I happened to be wearing the bracelet through the moving day by accident and all the sweating caused the silvery coating to wear down quite a bit, but I don’t care, it’s still one of my favorite bracelets all year!

The turquoise bracelet was a souvenier brought from Tenerife by my parents, if my memory serves me right. It’s delicate and lovely and high quality. I absolutely love it. It instantly makes me think of beaches and waves when I see it. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors so I often wear this throughout the year as well.

The bracelet in the bottom right corner is locally made, simple and pretty, stretchy, yet elegant. It was made by Siriuskoru (which unfortunately has no home page) and I found it from a sale when a nearby beauty salon was closing up for good. It only cost me 5 euros!

Does your taste in jewelry change throughout the year?

31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 8

What’s in my bag

My bag of the day is my bright yellow H&M bag. It’s not very large, but it’s usually enough for lugging around my everyday items as it actually holds a lot more than its size would indicate. I believe this bag is two years old now, originally bought from H&M for… I think around 20 euros? Not bad. Faux leather, of course. Inside there is one zipper pocket and 2 small compartments for the phone etc. The clasp you see is the only thing holding it shut so while wearing it, it’s a good idea not to flip the thing around…

My yellow H&M bag


At any given time, I have a habit of lugging my entire life with me, which is why small purses are my enemy. Ever since… well, pretty much elementary school, I was always the girl to go to when you needed anything throughout your day. I’d have a hairbrush/comb, gum, lip balm, hand lotion, tissues, hairties, you name it. I guess I like to be prepared. These days, I still tend to carry hairties, hairpins, a comb or brush, hand sanitizer, hand cream, lip balm, tissues, gum, a mini hairspray bottle (though I rarely even use hair spray, today it’s with me because my hair is on a bun and I want to be ready to fix it if I need to), my sunglasses, my makeup bag, a mini note book & pen, wallet and phone.

I’ve had my current wallet for a few months. I originally bought it so that I could fit my phone inside my wallet, but the damn thing doesn’t fit all my millions of cards IF my phone is in it, which is why I recently bought a little case for my phone (it’s new, which is the only reason why it’s still while). My phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’ve had it for a bit less than a year now and I’ve been more than happy with it. The camera on it is one of its most important feautures to me, because I need to be able to snap pictures on the go. In most situations, the 13 mpx camera is quite sufficient! I also love that it’s so multi-purpose. It’s quite large, but at the same time, that’s what makes it possible to watch videos on it etc as well. Before I bought my phone, I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which sadly mostly functions as my alarm clock these days, because I never get around to carrying it with me.

Right now, I’m also carrying my sunglasses with me as it’s been quite sunny lately (finally!) and I have quite the sensitive eyes. I got my first ever prescription sunglasses (I used to have eyeglasses that had transition lenses) last summer and they’ve been really amazing. Even though, I have to swap between sunnies and my eyeglasses, it’s still better than the transition lenses which took forever to transition from dark to clear after a year or two of use.

My hairspray is a small, handbag friendly size and it’s by IdHAIR. I have no idea as to what the price of it is and I generally don’t have much knowledge on it as I just got it from one of the LivBoxes many months ago. It’s not amazing, if you ask me, seems to wear out quickly on its own, but it works in a pinch. The scent isn’t bad though, which is important to me. I mostly use unscented hairsprays normally. Today, I did fix my bun with an unscented spray at home, but I can’t recall the brand even. It is a giant GIANT bottle that I got from my mom ages ago. My hand sanitizer is The Body Shop’s mango hand sanitizer. The best smelling hand sanitizer in the world. Too bad The Body Shop is owned by L’Oréal… I haven’t yet quite decided on how I feel about that.

My mini notebook is super cute and handy for when I need to say… quickly draft up a shopping list. It’s adorably yummy-looking too! A pen is just handy to have. Gum is something I like carrying with me, though I also often carry some kind of breathmints. Jenkki (Yankee) is a Finnish brand and the eucamenthol flavor is very tasty and delightful, however, as with all gums sold in this country, the flavor really doesn’t last very long. Boo!

For some reason, I have 2 hand creams on me right now. I’m not sure yet about my future with Nivea, because I’ve always loved it, but I think they sell in China nowadays (which means questionable testing)… Favora I got from my pharmacy for free when I bought a face wash from the range.

The contents of my makeup bag today

The contents of my makeup bag today

My little makeup bag is super cute and from H&M. It cost about 3 euros, I think? Within, I usually keep what I might need to do touch-ups on my makeup during the day. Out of habit, I keep a mascara in it as well, though that’s one of those things I never need to reapply. And speaking of mascara, I’m quite loving this Isadora All Day Long Lash mascara I bought recently! I also always carry powder and ideally I’d carry plotting tissues, but right now I’ve ran out (The Body Shop has the best ones). I carry my blush of the day (MUA’s Marshmallow) just in case I’d need to touch up a bit, though I don’t have a brush with me, so I’m pretty sure it would turn out to be a right mess. I carry lip balms with me always (Carmex & Aco, from pharmacy) and today I also carry a couple of lipsticks. The very worn out pen-looking one is Isadora’s, can’t remember what the shade was called, but it’s that perfect everyday hue that just looks really natural. The other lipstick I have with me today is one of the minis from H&M, the Barbie-pink one. Wearing it right now and kind of loving it! I also have an eyeliner with me, in case I need to make my eye makeup more dramatic throughout the day. Apparently, I also have an extra mirror on me, probably because my old powder didn’t have a mirror that would bend back properly – making it hard to fix makeup.

That’s what’s in my bag today!