Lumene launched a new Longwear Blur Foundation – I put it to the test!

Lumene Longwear Blur

This is not an official, formal review, just some experiences I wrote down regarding the new Longwear Blur Foundation by Lumene. The product was launched here in Finland just this month, but many bloggers around the country have had a chance to test it about a month ago so there are quite a few opinions on it already – pretty much all positive. I wasn’t one of those bloggers, so I unfortunately had to put the money in myself and patiently wait for the release. Despite not having the target skin for the Lumene Hydra Drops Moisturizing Foundation, I have pretty much used it up just because it has been quick and easy to use and it does look nice, as long as I remember to keep the shine in check. Now, I am, I think, the target market for this foundation as I’ve read that it should be ideal for normal to mixed/oily skin. Mine has been heading towards oilier lately for some reason though, which is bringing certain challenges with makeup bases in general.

The new Blur foundation (as it is being called around here) has been compared to Dior Star Foundation and at least a couple of different Lancôme foundations – for a fraction of the price. Beauty experts and bloggers have been praising this foundation as Lumene’s big hit and a favorite for the budget markets. It’s priced at around 16 euros in Finland, which is about what you pay for L’Oréal around here, for example. So, the price is not bad at all. Of course, Lumene is designed for the “scandinavian skintones”, meaning that there are 6 shades available, which aren’t all that dark. Of course, if you applied the darkest shade on me, I would likely become unreckognizable. I selected the shade 0 (Light Ivory) without even a thought.

Lumene Blur

Here I am at the office, approximately 3,5 hours after first applying the foundation – and after patting it down a bit with a tissue. Tissues seem to be the key with this foundation on my skin… It actually applied almost matte when I put it on in the morning, though I finished it off with a layer of powder. I still had to re-powder my face about an hour later, before leaving for work (yes, I like slow mornings). I lost count as to how many times throughout the day I patted my face a bit, but I tried to avoid re-powdering and only did that a couple of times during the 10 hours that it was on me before heading home.

Lumene Blur

The picture above (looks goofy) was taken about 7,5 hours after applying the foundation. My eyeshadow had clumped itself into the grease pretty well – not sure if primer would have fixed that, but I had not applied any in the morning. I do have to admit, that this foundation does do an outstanding job at hiding my giant pores. Possibly the best job at it that anything ever has done. They’re still there, but they’re not the main attraction!

Almost 10 hours since applying the foundation. I felt a bit like melting, as I did a few times throughout the day and I did look a bit like melting too as I was getting shiney pretty damn quickly with this thing on. If you are very particular about your face, you might feel comfortable with patting it down a bit every hour – which to me, feels like a lot of work. Now, if your skin is normal, however… I think you might have found something great in Lumene Blur. For me, it’s a bit of a pain in the backside, but at the same time, it does do a damn good job with those pores – thanks to the silicones. I would prefer not to apply silicone on my face, but hey, with most foundations, you can’t avoid it.

Lumene Blur

In the picture above, I was ready to head home. I had fixed my base a bit (tissues & powder), reapplied my lipstick and generally tried to look a bit less all over the place. So the base can handle being fixed up a lot at least! And it did still look pretty decent after about 11 hours of wear. In fact, despite the shine, it was still pretty much intact when I washed it off after approximately 15 hours of wear, so sure, their promise of 16 hours of wear can be believable – if you don’t mind the fixing up OR if you do happen to have been blessed with a non-problematic skin.

I have read that it’s not a particularly good foundation for dry skin though, which I find a bit surprising, because I don’t see this as drying at all. I think the problem is mainly with when you spread it. The foundation is quite liquid-y, but at the same time kind of heavy to apply. A little goes a long way too, you don’t want to end up caking it on!

I’m going to keep on testing this, because I am finding many good things about it already. The only downside for me is the upkeep it requires… I wish I could somehow combine the blurring effect of this with the great feeling and longevity of the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation! Then I would have my perfect base… ahhh!

PS. Also featured on the post, the Lumene Gel Effect nail polish in 37 Starry Nights and a super long lasting Lumene Raspberry Miracle SHINE Lipstick in 109 Chilly Night which seriously even fades out looking gorgeous!


3 thoughts on “Lumene launched a new Longwear Blur Foundation – I put it to the test!

  1. Just purchased this without knowing the hype (very recently moved to Finland from North America). Tried the tester and it seemed pretty good. I’d love to hear more thoughts on this product after you use it for a while. :)

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