Late Sunday night

Pictures from this week

I started this week feeling quite ill, sleeping poorly and being very worried and stressed out. I couldn’t eat much and I had to stick to very basic things, as most everything was making me nauseous for some reason. I have been recovering throughout the week and it seems that I’ve just been suffering from a very persistent cold. I ordered some goodies from NordicFeel, through which I was able to get a few things not generally sold in Finland (like physically sold), such as a Victoria’s Secret Enchanted Apple fragrance mist, two NYX Butter Glosses and a minty EOS lip balm – all of which I love.

I have spent some quality time with myself (hah) wrapped up in blankets and sitting around in candle light. Partly, because I’ve been chilly and party because I was looking for a cozy, relaxing time. My Click and Grow herbs are growing at a rapid pace (more on that later too) and I enjoy watching them develop.

Despite annoying, stressful and blah moments, I’ve also had many good moments through the week and once I got my appetite back, I celebrated by making some waffles and pizza. Yeah.

Also, my poodle has the cutest little heart-shaped paws… I mean the paw pads. D’awww.

Now, I’m going to go and get some delicious sleep. I hope! Have a good week all!


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