A small moment

A small moment

I have been on a bit of a hiatus from my English blog. I won’t lie, it has been good. It has given me perspective, peace and clarity – all good things. Lately, I feel like I’ve really been getting things. Like, just getting life, you know? Things make sense. I feel very zen. Sounds kind of strange, perhaps. I have distanced myself a bit about the buy buy buy and the do do do and the pretty pretty pretty. I have embraced The Moment. Several, The Moments, actually. Moments, like a laid-back, no rush Saturday morning, just relaxing in bed with both of my darlings (husband & dog), a morning I haven’t stopped to have in a very long time. The perfect bowl of blueberries in the middle of a busy work day. Cozying up underneath a warm, hand-knit poncho, while watching a good TV show in candle light.

This morning, I had one of those small moments. I had a hard time getting up and kind of a crappy morning, but during my drive to work, there was one excellent moment. The radio played Ellie Goulding’s You My Everything and the sun was rising in beautiful colors of red and gold. I quite enjoy driving and a every day I get to also drive over a beautiful lake and this morning, during the sunrise it was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that (I did try to drive safely after all), but I did snap a shot later on. As far as the lake is concerned, you just have to take my word for it. In any case, the moment that song was on, the sun was rising and I was driving… I felt so good and so alive.

We all need more small moments.


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