A couple of thoughts on a Sunday

Hey all. I just went an entire week without posting anything here. My mind has been filled with many thoughts during the past few days and pretty much none of them have been in any way beauty or cosmetics related. Many thoughts have been about my blogs (this English one, and my Finnish one) and how to proceed with them. Lately, my time has been spent just simply unwinding, relaxing, gathering my strength and well… not blogging. I posted one post on my Finnish blog, but I didn’t also post it in this English one, which I don’t normally do. It’s because it was a laid back product review on products I don’t think are in the market outside of Finland. This is actually something I run into a lot. I enjoy reading foreign blogs, but yes, I admit, I feel a bit of a sting every time I see something in a blog, that I know I can’t even get shipped to Finland (or at least not without a great hassle and expenses). I have also been blogging about some things that may well not be available everywhere and I feel that’s a bit unfair too.

I also have to admit that I don’t really seem to have the time or the energy to properly maintain two blogs – and it’s rather annoying at times to basically write the same things twice, just in different languages. I do enjoy using English and writing in English and sometimes I feel that I can only really express myself in English (as freaky as that may be), but at the same time, I feel like at least in the cosmetics department, I’m kind of running out of material, as it were, as most products I use these days are either natural cosmetics or brands from Finland or Sweden (that are not necessarily available everywhere).

So. I’m looking at you, dear readers! Do you want to read about cosmetics you can’t necessarily get your hands on? Would you want to read about other aspects in my life (and no, I wouldn’t necessarily go into gaming or anything like that!)? What do you generally wish to read about?


2 thoughts on “A couple of thoughts on a Sunday

  1. I would love to know more natural and mineral cosmetic products in English as I live in Finland but I can’t read Finnish that much :P

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