Sunday Summary

This week I…

  • Worked at my new office upstairs and it’s pretty neat!
  • Used the excuse of “it’s almost my birthday!” to justify chocolate. And pie.
  • Bought a new mascara and powder, which both turned out to be quite great!
  • Baked a glorious apple pie and shared it with co-workers!
  • Drank lots of tea…
  • Wore both my summer shoes and my winter boots (on different days though).
  • Wore my fake leather jacket a lot – I love it, though I wish I had another one with a different cut…
  • Wore berry lipsticks all week long!
  • Drank delicious apple soda, brewed only a short distance away from our home.
  • Got beautiful flowers from mom and a waffle iron!
  • Totally ate waffles!
  • Found well-fitted pantyhose – whoo!
  • Had a pretty good week in general!

And today I’m celebrating by 31st birthday! Though, if anyone asks, I’m turning 25. Again.

Sunday Summary

Oh yeah, and it’s been a bit quiet here now, since my mother has been visiting us since Friday. I’ll get back to it all soon!


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