Sunday Summary

Sunday SummaryThis week I…

  • Had to take 2 sick days (Monday & Tuesday) as my stupidly persistent sinus infection wasn’t just clearing off as well as it was supposed to. I’ve been suffering from it all week and I still don’t feel 100% healthy, but I’m also tired of laying around so… business as usual!
  • Got lovely “Get well soon!” -flowers from my husband on Monday and they’re still going strong!
  • Had quite a bit of work to catch up to, which is hardly a surprise after missing a few days.
  • Moved my office to the new space upstairs – out of the kitchen! It’s pretty amazing what a new space can do for your spirits!
  • Enjoyed slow walks in the forest with the dog – best kind of post sickness therapy.
  • Ate some lovely “bear’s raspberries”, which are much like boysenberries in terms of looks, but are not the same berry.
  • Also ate some delicious mint chocolate, which cures all sour moods.
  • And I ate delicious salad as well!
  • After all the moody nail polish colors of late, I decided to go for a nude pink shade with a touch of glitter once I got better.

Sunday Summary

  • Made silly faces for my own amusement (I’m easy to entertain?).
  • Fell in love with an old berry colored lipstick and then ended up buying some more.
  • Learned how to use a felt tip eye liner, which I thought I couldn’t do because of my poor eyesight.
  • Made Sunday’s dinner – salmon, potatoes and some corn. Simple and delicious!

Looking forward to next week and feeling less ill!


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