L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

loccitaneI received a sample sized version of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream from my last LivBox (monthly Finnish beauty box) and after having used it for a while, I decided I could write my thoughts on this “cult classic” hand cream. I admit, I haven’t tried L’Occitane products before, though I have eyed them at the stores before. I’ve been interested in trying as they advertize themselves as such a natural, down to earth kind of a brand, but unfortunately, they sell their goods in China – though they are at the same time working on convincing the Chinese to use alternative testing methods, which, for some parts, has apparently been a success. I appreciate the effort, so I tested the hand cream to see what all the raving was about.


L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (24,00 € / 150 ml)

Packaging: Silvery, simple tube (aluminum, I think). The normal size comes in a similar tube which comes in a cardboard packaging. Seems pretty sturdy. I kind of like the look of the packaging. Somehow organic and industrial at the same time.

Scent: Pretty mild, natural, clean. Pleasant.

Consistency: Pretty thick cream that comes out of the tube in a neat form, instead of becoming a giant, liquid mess. Applies really nicely and feels instantly moisturizing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to absorb quite as quickly as I’d like, which is why I’ve been mostly using this before bed. I couldn’t use it at work, I would get lotion everywhere in no time… Does feel very nourishing though!

For whom: Anyone who has really dry skin. Mine is currently somewhat dry, extremely dry around the cuticles, but not dry enough for this, I don’t think. Makes a really good night cream for hands.

What do I think: In case you didn’t know, I use hand creams. I have hand creams posted pretty much everywhere. I have a couple at work, some in my purse, some on my desk at home and an entire box full of them stashed away inside my nightstand. I would have terribly, terribly dry hands if I didn’t use hand cream at all. The hand creams I carry around with me must have two qualities: pleasant smell / no smell and fast absorbing. I don’t want the smell of my hand cream annoying me or my co-workers and I need my hands to be quickly ready for some typing again. As said, I feel that this particular hand cream absorbs quite slowly – though based on the reviews I’ve seen online, everyone else finds it pretty fast absorbing, so perhaps I just expect my lotions to work like ninjas, I don’t know. I feel that this does offer a good deal of moisture and it certainly has a really lovely scent – very mild and not overpowering. If this would absorb quicker, I would potentially really like it. Now, I just like it.

Would I purchase: I don’t think so. I think the price is too steep as I’m used to paying max 10 euros for my hand cream (and for that money, I feel I get one that’s just as good), but I could maybe consider paying 24 euros for a really good one, in a reasonably sized tube. This hand cream unfortunately isn’t the versatile kind that I need on a daily basis, so I don’t think I would purchase. I’m also not entirely thrilled about these being sold in China. If I were to get one as a gift, for example, I would likely use it as a night cream for my hands, but I wouldn’t go out of my ways to buy it myself.

Have you tried this hand cream? Did it feel like a cult classic to you? Best cream ever?


4 thoughts on “L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

  1. I had this hand cream before, it was cheaper when I bought it in France, 15-18€. I agree that it is more a thick texture but it works so good for me during winter time in Finland. However, it’s just too expensive to get one here and the strong fragrance is kinda a con for me.

    • Now, 15-18 euros I could see myself paying for this! And you’re right, for the winter it would be appropriate, I think. My hands tend to get -terrible- during winter months!

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