Summing up last week

So, my summary of the (last) week is late and it’s been pretty quiet here in general, but I’ve been battling with some sort of a sinus infection and sitting around typing hasn’t been on the list of things I desperately want to do, sorry about that. I have high hopes that I’ll be doing better soon (I’ve had headache on and off like every day for the past 3 weeks(!) now) and back to blogging.

Last week I…

  • worked longer days than usual, but got off earlier on Friday
  • kept feeling ill, but not ill enough to stay home
  • just went and bought the pieces of IsaDora´s autumn makeup collection I’ve wanted the most
  • enjoyed the launch of Sims4 (yes, I’m that person)
  • consumed a good amount of painkillers (which I normally never take)
  • comsumed a good amount of tea
  • bought some vitamins
  • didn’t get much sleep, until weekend
  • found out my car really needs an oil change
  • got all annoyed about my hair again, this time especially about the color of it (uneven)

My favorite pic of the week: “Fairytale forest”


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