Makeup Monday : Coffee & Poetry eye makeup, 1


Yesterday, I dug my hands into the beautiful IsaDora Coffee & Poetry eyeshadow palette for the first time and… it’s even better than I imagined. The colors are so pigmented and so creamy… so gorgeous. I think IsaDora has upgraded their eyeshadows, because the previous IsaDora quad I had didn’t impress me all that much, though their baked eyeshadows have also been extremely good. Anyway, please excuse my tired and sick face (it’s red and my pores are very obvious as I skipped primer) and just look at all the pretty colors! Pink Pashmina lipstick (pictures) is also shaping up to be my ideal nude. It’s almost the shade my lips are naturally, just a bit more cold and pink.





As for foundation, I used my new Lumene moisturizing foundation, which I picked up in a state of emergency when heading over to my mom’s a week ago and I forgot my brushes for my mineral makeup. My skin isn’t exactly dry, so the foundation (as great as it is) is not exactly the best match for my skin, though the tone is just right and I really enjoy the feel of it! For the eyebrows I used my new IsaDora purchase, Eyebrow Styler in Light Brown, though if you ask me, there’s nothing light about that shade of brown, but it does work excellently for me! It very quickly tames my thick, unruly brows and evens them out with a bit of color. For the lashes, I used IsaDora’s All Day Long Lash, which is probably still my number one when it comes to mascaras. Tough act to follow!

I used the eyeshadows very lightly as I was just going out for some grocery shopping and casual dinner with the husband. I used all of the shades, except for the one that’s the most brown. I’m absolutely in love with the reddish brown shade in the palette. It’s so pigmented and beautiful and the color is unlike anything I’ve ever had. Mmm! No tightlining this time either as my eyes very feeling very tired and runny anyways.

How do you like it?


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