Beautiful and perfect – Isadora’s Coffee & Poetry autumn 2014


I couldn’t help myself anymore. Even though I’m sick (seems like a sinus infection) I just couldn’t go another week without getting my hands on some of Isadora’s autumn 2014 Coffee & Poetry makeup collection. I tried to restrain myself, so I picked up the two things I loved the most, though I could have easily taken them all home. The Eyebrow Styler isn’t a part of the collection, but I think it could be a solution for fixing my dark and unruly eyebrows. It’s basically like a mascara for my eyebrows.


Just look at those colors! I seriously feel that I could go this whole season with just this eyeshadow palette. The colors are shimmery, creamy and really pigmented (the dark purple-ish one is perhaps the least pigmented of the four) and they apply gorgeously – I had to try them briefly as I had no eyeshadow on all day. The top left corner is a champagne/platinum kind of color, the one next to it a beautiful bronze… on the bottom row there’s a rich, reddish-bronze hue and a deep plum shade that applies a bit more brown than what it looks like in the pan. Not only are the eyeshadows gorgeous (and you will likely hear a ton more about them in the future, sorry!), the lipstick is also fantastic. It seems that almost by accident I have found the perfect nude pink for myself! Even my husband instantly noticed it and said that it somehow brightens up my whole face – though it might have just been the happy glow of newly bought makeup…

Love, love, love these!

And now, I’m going to go and take a handful of vitamins and rest up! Hopefully this sinus infection (or whatever it is) clears up soon!


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