Makeup Monday – Coffee & Poetry : Isadora’s Autumn Makeup

isadoraFirst of all, I’m sorry, but this time I had to borrow a picture from the official Isadora site, because I’ve yet to acquire my own products. I rarely get excited or giddy about makeup launches, but Isadora’s autumn makeup 2014 is making it difficult for me to even sleep! Their autumn makeup launch is called Coffee & Poetry and at least for me, the shades absolutely nail the essence of autumn. The collection features two different looks, one warm (Coffee & Poetry) and one cool (Pashmina).

colorsI can’t get over how beautiful the colors are! The warm shades of Coffee & Poetry are especially to my liking. You can’t go wrong with those warm, luxurious eye shadow hues, can you? Yet, at the same time, I find myself gravitating towards the cool shades of Pashmina as well. Purples and I get along well, so it’s hard for me to just pick one to add to my makeup collection. I might need them both… I also love every shade of nail polish provided, but especially that deep brown shade Black Coffee. That lipstick (number 10) 132 Pink Pashmina practically begs to be let in my makeup bag as well. Such gorgeous hues and so much inspiration! I need to get to the city to pick up a thing or two…!

Any makeup launches this fall YOU are particularly excited about?


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