Sunday Summary

This week I…

  • had a really busy, yet versatile work week, with a lot of new info coming my way.
  • wished at times that it wasn’t so wet outside, because I couldn’t get as much walking in as I would’ve wanted to.
  • spent some time thinking about decorating our home and also took a few steps to do so.
  • wished my car would accelerate quicker. (I love the car, but the acceleration could seriously be much better!)
  • wore my winter boots for the first time.
  • swapped summery nails into gloomy autumn ones.
  • headed off to see my mom and some friends in my old home town.
  • ate far too much during the weekend.
  • drove approximately 600 km.
  • have felt a bit under the weather the whole week, but not enough to take a sick day.
  • might have upset my dog as I wanted him to wear my scarf for a moment…



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