Nails with attitude


Ah, autumn. I love you so. I love all of your moody, muted colors, your dark and dangerous hues and the shine and glitter that instantly makes the everyday nails 10 times more interesting! I dug through my nail polish collection and selected a few shades I plan on wearing this fall! None of these are this fall’s new hues though, so if one polish catches your eye, you might need to look up an alternative…

Top row:

Baehr unnamed nail polish – Dark, dark metallic green. Cold green, quite intense.
O.P.I. I’m Not Really A Waitress – Gorgeous “candy apple” red, quite metallic and beautiful.
Baehr unnamed nail polish – Kind of a cool brown-beige hue, a bit like milk coffee, but a colder hue. Nice neutral shade.

Second row:

Gina Tricot Beauty 136 Purple multi glitter – Gorgeous glittery top coat with reasonably large glitter chunks mostly in silver (reflects oily hues), blue and purple.
O.P.I. We’ll Always Have Paris – My nail polish choice this week, a gorgeous, extremely deep purple(ish) wine red/brown. Looks more brown on nails than in the bottle.
Sally Hansen Lustre Shine 005 Plume – A difficult color to describe. Basically it’s a metallic gold with an oily-looking green tint, quite interesting.
Gosh Nero – A true black hue that I would combine with a glitter or gold polish.

Bottom row:

Mavala 392 Moonstone – Purple-silver glitter polish, very small, sand-like glitter that reflects blue, red and silver when you look closely.
Maybelline Forever Strong 650 Midnight Blue – Beautiful nearly black metallic blue. Looks black, until light hits it.
Nivea Colour Dynamite 711 Purple Diamond – I would call this a warm purple. It’s a hint fuchsia, with a very subtle, almost golden “glow” to it.





Which one(s) do you like?


9 thoughts on “Nails with attitude

  1. OPI We’ll Always Have Paris for me! There’s something about a claret hue that just screams autumn, isn’t there? And the classics are back in for the next season, so I hear. 😉 x

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