Wardrobe Wednesday – Feeling the fall

Autumn is hereI’ve officially accepted that Winter Is Coming. I mean… that the fall is here! It’s the end of August and while it should still be fairly warm, it’s very wet outside and when I leave in the morning it’s often also quite chilly. Today, I put on my old, black Vagabond boots for the first time this fall/winter. I love wearing boots, but I feel like I might have been a bit early this year – but at the same time, I really want to wear fall/winter stuff already! I have worn a jacket all week and I have stashed away my summer dresses and dug out my jeans instead. I’m also loving the light weight (yet warm) knits I ordered online when it was still summer.

I’m also starting to adjust to my new hair and it feels it has already grown a bit, even though it has been a mere 1,5 weeks since my cut. I feel like it’s starting to do its thing again and just work, which is nice. I need to fuss with it less. Also, my bangs feel slightly less ridiculous!

As fall (or winter) is coming, I’m happily switching to darker, muted colors and thicker, chunkier pieces in jewelry and clothing. I feel like fall is my season and I’m at my best when I get to layer up a bit! One thing I’m also really loving is my dark, moody nail polish, which is an old O.P.I. shade “We’ll Always Have Paris”, which is a very dark wine/purple/brown kind of hue. Oxblood, perhaps? Gloriously glossy and brooding. One of my favorite necklaces, the chain with spikes gets to make a comeback again as it pairs well with knits and heavy fabrics.

When fall comes, I always get comfortable with blacks, greys and jewel tones and those are the colors I feel the most comfortable with anyway. I do also love white, which I tend to wear throughout the year. In terms of my nails, I go for the dark wine hues, deep blues and purples and I dig out my glitters again (and then curse when I try to remove them).

Are you swapping your wardrobe out for fall/winter already? Is it chilly where you are? What are your fall essentials?


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