Sunday Summary

wpid-img_20140824_195933.jpgIt’s been a bit of a more quiet week now in terms of the blog, but I’ve had a very busy week otherwise. Most of the week has been spent trying to figure out how to function with my new, short hair. It’s so odd to go for a walk with the poodle without a hair tie and it’s so strange to wash my hair when it feels like I´m running out of hair as soon as I start! I also had a not-so-fun time waiting for an electrician to show up on Wednesday to fix the light and the fan above the stove. First, they called me when they were already here and I was of course at work and Mike at school, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I then had to leave work before noon to go let them in as they were supposed to finally be able to come by again at noon. It was either that or no service at all (nice terms, guys!). So, I was home just before noon and when do the guys show up? At 1 PM. No rush. Yeah.

In general, work was quite hectic all week and on Thursday most of the day was spent doing fun off-work activities with my colleagues, such as eating at our favorite Greek restaurant (delicious, delicious food!) and bowling in the dark. I was feeling ill all morning, but all that Greek food worked as a great pick-me-up and I actually did a pretty good job bowling, though I hadn’t done any since like 1998…

Yesterday was spent mostly at Ikea where we (for once) just leisurely walked around absorbing ideas and selecting some items for the home. I have been desperately needing a new comfortable office chair for months and my bedroom “beauty desk” broke down during/after the move and was really unsafe, so I also bought a new desk. I also finally bought the black and white blanket I’ve got my eye on for like 2 years – it was now on sale. We also bought some new dishes, black stoneware, and some new drinking glasses in a smokey black/grey shade, which I love.

Today was spent organizing and cleaning the home as well as sorting out my new “beauty desk” and its contents. Also did the weekly grocery shopping, which is always quite a huge chore, but somehow very satisfying to get the fridge stocked up!

Plans for the week to come include a trip to one of our suppliers/importers at work and my co-worker’s birthday. We’re also probably heading over to visit my mother towards the end of the week as I have Friday off and Mike may have his off as well.


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