Flow Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap

Flow - Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap

I’m not usually one for soap bars, other than perhaps washing my hands. Bar soaps often have the most heavenly scents, but I’ve been skipping them as I haven’t felt like they’re very hygienic (which is a false assumption, see for instance this article here) and that they end up permanently slimy very quickly. I have several times been touching, sniffing and stroking (not in a creepy way) these soap bars in one of my local eco shops and I’ve always ended up walking away. Hesitantly, but walking away none the less. So what made me finally buy one?

To make it all even more bizarre, I actually ordered mine online without even sniffing it! For some reason, I was just certain that I needed a geranium-scented soap in my life. I figured I would give the eco friendly bar soaps a go, since I’m working on this new, more natural lifestyle. You have to admit, they don’t waste natural resources when it comes to packing materials! All there is, is a simple little paper wrap around the bar of beautiful, light purple soap.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve tried a bar soap. I just kind of always felt like even if they were lathering up and/or gliding nicely on my skin, they always left me squeaky clean in a bad way – completely stripped of moisture. Like I said, I have used bar soap to wash my hands, but I have always preferred liquid soaps, or even better, foam soaps. I was intrigued to see what an organic, natural bar soap would have to offer and what’s even better, all these soaps are made right here in Finland and they are of course cruelty free as well.

Flow Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap (80 g / 7,90 €)

To be noted: This particular soap is either being discontinued or relaunched in the near future.

Packaging: To call it simple would be an understatement. A single piece of paper is wrapped around the bar of soap. All the necessary information is on the bar, no nonsense.

Main ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, oils from geranium, lavender, ylang ylang, jasmin and orange.

Scent: Subtle, clean, calming, a bit flowery and slightly oriental.

Consistency: This is a very hard and solid bar of soap that does not turn gooey or mushy in the slightest when used. Maintains its shape well as long as it’s left on a suitable platform to dry (so that it can breathe and dry properly). Lathers up, but not into a very rich or creamy lather.

How does it work: The soap bar is recommended for various skin problems (which I don’t really have except for perhaps dry skin) and it feels like it cleanses the skin really well. It does give you that squeaky clean feeling – but only for a moment. The clean feeling remains, but the “squeakyness” quickly vanishes and I’ve noticed that my skin actually feels pretty good after using this soap – especially my elbows, which normally feel quite rough and dry. I have even used this soap on my face a couple of times and amazingly enough, my face doesn’t seem to mind it either!

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone interested in cutting back on the waste left behind, going a bit organic and generally enjoying a lovely scented bath or shower! I’ve also read that people with eczema have even found some relief from this soap, so perhaps that’s also something to consider.

Will I buy again: I would actually love to try several soaps by Flow, perhaps even their shampoo bars, if I’m really brave. They seem to be going through some kind of changes in their line right now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what is to come! I would also purchase this particular soap again.

Check out the Flow’s site here (in English)! They do actually deliver to all of EU, Norway, USA and Canada – and if you e-mail them asking if they ship to your country, they may just as well!

2 thoughts on “Flow Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap

    • Yeah I think it’s the shea butter and the coconut oil, though salt (sea salt) baths are recommended for extra dry feet as well, so this salt might be good for dry skin too. This soap doesn’t feel any more drying than the liquid soaps I’ve tried!

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