Chop chop


I’m sorry that I had to skip yesterday’s makeup post! At first, I had a great inspiration, but I didn’t have pictures for it (since I try my best not to “borrow” pictures from others – due to all the copyright stuff), then, I had an inspiration too late as I was also having a major hair crisis since Sunday and had to get it fixed (somewhat) yesterday.

About the hair crisis. On Saturday night, I realized that my hair hadn’t been cut in more months than I could remember. I also realized that it was very very dry – thankfully, no split ends though. In the middle of the night, I booked an appointment with the same nice young lady who cut my husband’s hair very successfully. My thought was to accomplish three things:

  1. Get rid of the dry ends.
  2. Even out the lenght difference between my longest and shortest hairs – I mentioned my dreams of a long bob.
  3. Still manage to get a ponytail going.

I accomplished most of those things, except that once I got home, I realized just how big of a length gap there was between the hair at the back and the hair at the front. It was a bit like an overgrown mullet in my eyes. I couldn’t live with it, so I went to fix it again yesterday.

Sadly, my bob is not even close to a long bob and I can’t really manage a ponytail anymore. The hair cut is cute in theory (though my bangs are too short), but it really doesn’t flatter me. Years ago I had sworn to never cut a bob, because it always made me look old. Yet, here we are. I think in about 2 months this will be pretty alright, but until then… I’m not sure what to do with it. There’s not much I can do, except deal with it. I take comfort in knowing it’s pretty even length now, which makes the growing out easier.

The response to my new hair has been positive, surprisingly, many have even liked the crazy short bangs. I’m happy the cut evened out the color of my hair nicely though, but yeah, I’m really self-conscious now. Can’t wait for this thing to grow a little bit! I think I am now done experimenting with the shorter looks anyway and I’m going to just grow it out again. Until now, I hadn’t felt bad in the slightest about cutting my hair short in the beginning of the year, but now, now I wish I hadn’t gone down this path! Here’s what my hair was like at its longest a couple of years ago (and yes, I was playing WoW):



5 thoughts on “Chop chop

    • Thanks! I don’t really like my hair at the moment (which is a bummer), but it’ll grow… it’ll grow… I have also been on a break from WoW for about a year, but I’ll likely go back again for the next expansion.

      • What i like in wow is to play with other people. And more there are, more i like, it’s fun to play with 25 people in raids, and Also with 40! It’s messy but so fun XD ! My DH is still playing, i’ll follow on his screen the new expansion :D.
        Welcome to my little Wonderland too, i’ll be happy to see your thoughts and reply to you. <3

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