Conquering the Black Mountain

Sounds like a pretty epic title, huh? Well, my new home is located in an area with an ample supply for 3 things: forests, lakes and mountains. By Finnish scale, they are mountains when they go up about 60 meters from the surrounding areas… One of these mountains in the area happens to be the Black Mountain (Mustavuori), which has a very ominous name, but it’s actually a small skiing center during winter times. Just yesterday I was thinking how cool it could be to get on top of that thing now, during summer time and have a good look around as the view should be pretty nice. When I got into my comfy outfit and my sportiest ballerinas this morning to take the dog for a walk, I didn’t plan on accidentally ending up on top of this little mountain!

On the walk I saw some kind of an interesting graffiti on a mossy rock, a cute little gate leading into a small yard and of course, pretty steep roads! I really enjoy walking in our nearby forests, which, unlike the small city forest we had before, actually smells like forest and it’s at times so quiet and peaceful that you can hear every little twig breaking and cuckoos tapping on trees. Studies have shown that there are few things that soothe the mind and the soul as effectively as a nice walk in the forest. People need forest – and I agree. I at least need some kind of nature, away from everyday life.

I thought I was walking towards home, though the path in the forest kept rising and rising – until I suddenly saw through the trees that I was quite high up! At that point, I couldn’t help but to simply keep walking, even skipping and jogging up as I wanted to find a spot where I could take a picture of the heights. And boy did I find a spot…




The view doesn’t fully translate from the pictures (especially since I took them with my phone, Samsung Galaxy S4), but it was quite breathtaking – and I couldn’t help but to smile. The part of the country where I’m from is extremely flat, mostly fields and rivers, so views like these are still quite special to me. I can’t believe this place was about 15 minute walk from my apartment (once I figured out the path), perhaps less!

This little “hike” was definitely a good way to compensate for the hectic and draining week I had!


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