Summer Lovin’ Tag

I recently got tagged for the Summer Lovin’ Tag by M&M’s Meeting Point and thought perhaps I should do it before the summer is over (which in Finland can be any day now).

1. Summer lipstick you’re loving?

I haven’t been particularly faithful to any specific lipstick this summer, so it’s kind of hard to just choose one. Can I just choose all of these (below)? If I had to pick just one though, I would probably go for that seriously worn-out looking tube (3rd from left), which is Isadora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Coral Cocktail. Maybe it’s a lip gloss then? Damn it.


2. Summer nail polish you’re loving?

Nail polishes

At least all of these. Uhm but, again, if I have to pick… I don’t think I could choose between that turquoise Mavala’s Pacific Blue and the vibrant yellow Sorrento.

3. Bikini you’re loving this summer?

I don’t own a bikini. I never have and I probably never will. I don’t even own a swimsuit. I haven’t even been to a beach in like… ugh… 13-14 years? Wow. I should probably fix that.

4. Favorite summer frappucino from Starbucks?

Finland has 1 Starbucks and that’s at the airport in Helsinki, so I’m afraid I’ll have to skip this. A really nice and refreshing cool summer drink however has been the mix of ice, orange juice and icy strawberries – yum!

5. Favorite fake tan?

I don’t use fake tans. I´m so pale to begin with that to use one would probably end very poorly…

6. Favorite summer song?

This summer there have been several songs I’ve been loving, but especially:

Mr. Probz – Waves (Robin Schulz Radio Edit)

7. Favorite summer accessory?

Accessories and summer don’t really go that well together for me, because I feel like everything extra just makes me extra hot. I would say my prescription Armani sunglasses though, because I would have a really hard time getting around without those, since my eyes are quite sensitive. (horrible picture below taken in the spring)


8. Favorite summer fragrance/perfume?

This summer it’s been a toss between two The Body Shop Body Mists, the pink grapefruit and the shea butter. If I had to choose one, it would be the shea.

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter & Body Mist

9. Summer book you’re loving?

I’ve been into light, brainless reading this summer and so, I’ve been reading Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic -series.

10. What are you most excited to do this summer?

Summer is nearing its end as it is and all I really have planned is work. Which is what I’ve done pretty much all of the summer anyway. One of the fun things was visiting that retirement home for animals though! That was a great trip – with lots of cute animals to see and pet. I was also pretty excited about the move (as well as terrified!) and now it’s done and I’ve been settling in surprisingly well! (Below a couple of pictures of some of the animals at the retirement home.)

I would like to tag all of my readers who feel like doing this tag! If you do this, link your post in the comments – I’d love to check them out!


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