Sunday Summary

This week I have…

  • Worked 4 days, as Monday was my day off
  • Got our new home ready, adding the finishing touches today
  • Spent an unnatural amount of time stuck in traffic, thanks to the road constructions along my new commute
  • Wished I would’ve had another week of holiday right now
  • Ordered some more natural cosmetics to try & fall in love with
  • Dreamed of driving to the Arctic Sea for my birthday, but I doubt I have the money for it – even if it is a mere 1200 km away
  • Fantasized about buying a nice, new bag for fall – I haven’t bought a single bag in ages and I’m giving away several due to the move
  • Fantasized about fall in general, because I can’t wait to get to layer up a bit again
  • Missed tea, because it’s been so hot that I’ve barely managed to sip 3 cups all week – all while sitting in front of a fan!
  • Had several interesting revelations about myself and my life – I feel like I’m growing up!
  • Admired the beautiful moon visible from our apartment throughout the night (I have missed dark nights)



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