July Favorites


We are already nine (9) days into August, but hey, July’s favorites have been rounded up and photographed at last! Amazingly, I managed to finally do a month without The Body Shop products, probably because I didn’t get any new TBS products in July (how did that even happen?). I did however get heavily into organic and natural cosmetics again, as you can see…


The Konjac Sponge

This fluffy hemisphere of a sponge has somewhat changed my life, to be honest. Judging by several reviews online (mine is yet to be added to that collection) I’m not the only one who loves this sponge. This thing right here has changed my mornings. Getting ready is so much easier when you just pop the sponge into a bowl of water for a few minutes, get it out, gently squeeze excess water out of it and then run it over your face and neck and enjoy. The sponge glides on the skin as if soaped, but no residue is left behind. It refreshes and renews the skin and leaves it feeling ready for the day. Ah! What’s not to love?

Herbina Salt Spray

My favorite hair product this summer has to be the Herbina Salt Spray I got from a blog collaboration with LivBox. I wanted to try it, even though salt sprays had not worked on my hair before. I’m so glad I got the chance to try this because there’s a very good chance that this will become a permanent product in my hair styling collection – which honestly could almost be taken over by this single bottle. I haven’t needed anything else since I got this thing! It gives such a nice amount of volume and just the right amount of texture to make my normally seriously slippery hair do as I want for a change. Works well for getting a nice beach wave going on too, if you braid your hair for the night or put it on a bun. Also speeds up the drying time!


Lumene Arctic Aqua Deep Moisture Eye Gel

This has been my go-to eye product for a while now. I enjoy how simple and refreshing it is, especially on those tired eyes in the morning. Basically unscented and definitely suited for sensitive eyes, this gel is an excellent summertime product!

Cattier Paris Pink Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin

I reviewed this one recently and I use it religiously. A very nice mask with a lovely scent – I’m having a hard time restricting the use to 1-2 times a week instead of every night… I could still use a bit more moisture, but it’s still pretty great none the less! Of course, it’s even better that it’s natural, eco-friendly and cruelty free.


Lavera Pore Refining Moisturizing Fluid

Refreshingly scented, light-weight moisturizer is definitely a summer time product, but I could imagine using this throughout the year. This moisturizer contains things like jojoba seed oil, rice, rosemary leaf extract, peppermint leaf extract and willow bark extract to help provide a nice, matte surface for makeup. The scent somehow takes me back to summers at our old summer house – refreshing, minty, woodsy and wonderful, all at once!



Last, but not least, the little hair accessory that was a great help during our moving days. On my hair, I wouldn’t go as far as calling these things traceless, but they do offer a great grip in even the most rigorous of activities! I currently have these in a deep, dark brown, white and clear and I tend to carry a couple around on me at all times!



3 thoughts on “July Favorites

  1. Went straight ahead and bought the clear & apple appeal Invisibobble’s after this – I need something heavy duty for hiking/running!

    Great post (:

    • Glad to hear you liked the post! Those Invisibobbles are definitely a great choice for running/hiking, I’m sure! I have pretty slippery hair and they just hang on ;)

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