Settling in

Bedroom window

Slowly, but steadily we are settling in. Most things have found their places, some things are yet to be hung, few things need to be bought, but all in all, it’s going pretty well. The moving process was longer and harder than I had anticipated, but it still went pretty well in general though our moving company could have tried a bit harder. They somehow forgot to move our bathroom storage unit even though they took the washing machine that was next to it and we didn’t realize it until it was too late – the movers had gone and there was no way to fit that thing into my Volvo. They took all of the other lamps with the exception of the big, beautiful living room lamp, which, according to them “was a pain in the ass”. I know it would have been a pain in the ass to take down and also to put up again (not that these guys offered that kind of service anyway), but they made this assessment after unscrewing a couple of screws and then just leaving it there… with the screws on the floor, as we found out when we went back to cleaning up the place. Sigh. The movers also broke a support beam from our couch which had survived through 4 moves so far (moves done by us without professionals, no less) – and they pretended not to notice anything. Once I called them out about it, they lowered the price of the move to about half, which was a nice and actually needed surprise after everything. Not that that money would’ve bought us a new couch though. Thankfully the couch still operates fine.


I was pretty ruthless when it came down to getting rid of some stuff though. I think I gathered up 3-4 cardboard boxes worth of clothes and at least a similar amount of other stuff that will be donated to an organization that both donates the stuff onwards as well as sells it for charity. I’m actually quite proud of myself for managing to give up stuff, because as much as I hate to admit it, I seem to be a bit of a hoarder… Purifying experience, definitely, and turns out that moving is a really good way of getting some idea of what exactly you do have. It also raised a lot of questions along the lines of “What the hell is this and what did I do with it?”.

TV stand

We were both skeptical that we could end up loving, or even liking, another place as much as we loved our old one, but… so far… this has been pretty great, at least for me. I quite like the open concept living room / dining room / kitchen thing we’ve got going on and I like how conveniently the kitchen is done. Everything is quickly within reach and there’s just enough counter space to go around. My only complaint is missing that great, big pantry “closet” we used to have, because that could be handy… but other than that, everything is turning out to be quite alright. I can’t wait to get some proper furniture for the balcony – and I can’t wait for it to cool down a bit so that I can go enjoy my breakfast outside…!

Front hallway

As those who have followed my Instagram might have noticed, the weather has not been very kind to movers at all. We’ve been working in approximately +30 degrees (celcius) all week and when it wasn’t +30 and searing, it was raining sideways, thanks to the thunderstorms that would always show up at the worst times (such as when loading up the car). We have also enjoyed McDonalds’ services far too much as we have had 0 interest and 0 time to cook. Today was the first day all week when a small amount of real cooking happened when my husband made us some quesadillas. Today we also went ahead and stocked the fridge and freezer for the week as well as got some of the art hung up. My feet are killing me, my skin is acting up and I’ve pretty much worn my hair on a ponytail/bun for a week now and as such, even my hair hurts. I could really do with a spa day… but of course, all of our money has been sucked into this moving process.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to gather up the willpower to sit around with herbal hairdye in my head for a few hours again and hopefully, by Tuesday morning, I will look a bit like a young lady again, instead of Mover Bob.


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