Sunday Summary

This week I…

  • had a really busy, yet versatile work week, with a lot of new info coming my way.
  • wished at times that it wasn’t so wet outside, because I couldn’t get as much walking in as I would’ve wanted to.
  • spent some time thinking about decorating our home and also took a few steps to do so.
  • wished my car would accelerate quicker. (I love the car, but the acceleration could seriously be much better!)
  • wore my winter boots for the first time.
  • swapped summery nails into gloomy autumn ones.
  • headed off to see my mom and some friends in my old home town.
  • ate far too much during the weekend.
  • drove approximately 600 km.
  • have felt a bit under the weather the whole week, but not enough to take a sick day.
  • might have upset my dog as I wanted him to wear my scarf for a moment…



Nails with attitude


Ah, autumn. I love you so. I love all of your moody, muted colors, your dark and dangerous hues and the shine and glitter that instantly makes the everyday nails 10 times more interesting! I dug through my nail polish collection and selected a few shades I plan on wearing this fall! None of these are this fall’s new hues though, so if one polish catches your eye, you might need to look up an alternative…

Top row:

Baehr unnamed nail polish – Dark, dark metallic green. Cold green, quite intense.
O.P.I. I’m Not Really A Waitress – Gorgeous “candy apple” red, quite metallic and beautiful.
Baehr unnamed nail polish – Kind of a cool brown-beige hue, a bit like milk coffee, but a colder hue. Nice neutral shade.

Second row:

Gina Tricot Beauty 136 Purple multi glitter – Gorgeous glittery top coat with reasonably large glitter chunks mostly in silver (reflects oily hues), blue and purple.
O.P.I. We’ll Always Have Paris – My nail polish choice this week, a gorgeous, extremely deep purple(ish) wine red/brown. Looks more brown on nails than in the bottle.
Sally Hansen Lustre Shine 005 Plume – A difficult color to describe. Basically it’s a metallic gold with an oily-looking green tint, quite interesting.
Gosh Nero – A true black hue that I would combine with a glitter or gold polish.

Bottom row:

Mavala 392 Moonstone – Purple-silver glitter polish, very small, sand-like glitter that reflects blue, red and silver when you look closely.
Maybelline Forever Strong 650 Midnight Blue – Beautiful nearly black metallic blue. Looks black, until light hits it.
Nivea Colour Dynamite 711 Purple Diamond – I would call this a warm purple. It’s a hint fuchsia, with a very subtle, almost golden “glow” to it.





Which one(s) do you like?

Wardrobe Wednesday – Feeling the fall

Autumn is hereI’ve officially accepted that Winter Is Coming. I mean… that the fall is here! It’s the end of August and while it should still be fairly warm, it’s very wet outside and when I leave in the morning it’s often also quite chilly. Today, I put on my old, black Vagabond boots for the first time this fall/winter. I love wearing boots, but I feel like I might have been a bit early this year – but at the same time, I really want to wear fall/winter stuff already! I have worn a jacket all week and I have stashed away my summer dresses and dug out my jeans instead. I’m also loving the light weight (yet warm) knits I ordered online when it was still summer.

I’m also starting to adjust to my new hair and it feels it has already grown a bit, even though it has been a mere 1,5 weeks since my cut. I feel like it’s starting to do its thing again and just work, which is nice. I need to fuss with it less. Also, my bangs feel slightly less ridiculous!

As fall (or winter) is coming, I’m happily switching to darker, muted colors and thicker, chunkier pieces in jewelry and clothing. I feel like fall is my season and I’m at my best when I get to layer up a bit! One thing I’m also really loving is my dark, moody nail polish, which is an old O.P.I. shade “We’ll Always Have Paris”, which is a very dark wine/purple/brown kind of hue. Oxblood, perhaps? Gloriously glossy and brooding. One of my favorite necklaces, the chain with spikes gets to make a comeback again as it pairs well with knits and heavy fabrics.

When fall comes, I always get comfortable with blacks, greys and jewel tones and those are the colors I feel the most comfortable with anyway. I do also love white, which I tend to wear throughout the year. In terms of my nails, I go for the dark wine hues, deep blues and purples and I dig out my glitters again (and then curse when I try to remove them).

Are you swapping your wardrobe out for fall/winter already? Is it chilly where you are? What are your fall essentials?

Grey day


It seems to have rained forever – but I don’t mind. The autumn is here. It’s time to wrap myself in a nice jacket, dig out those boots and put on a scarf. It’s time to paint the nails in moody, dramatic dark hues and move on to berry lipsticks. I feel full of creativity and thought and I have a new found appreciation for that nice, warm cup of tea. The poodle would rather stay indoors than get his curls wet. He finds the bed to be a far better place than the soggy forest paths. Right now, I’m tempted to agree with him…

Makeup Monday : Lumene Arctic Sun Bronzer

Lumene Arctic Sun Bronzer

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to bronzer. The first time ever that I used bronzer was when my makeup was done for me a bit over a year ago by a professional who was showing me the Bare Minerals makeups. Up until then, I had thought bronzer was only for those who were already naturally equipped with a skintone that of J-Lo’s, not us pasty white Patsys like me! I had been terribly afraid of bronzers, convinced that they would make me look like I have dirt stripes on my face – or a really bad case of fake tan face paired with milky white neck. Yuk.

Though the professional makeup artist was able to bring my skin from pasty to healthy with the help of bronzer, I still couldn’t seem to replicate the same look at home. I always ended up with giant brown blotches on my cheeks even though I was sure I was going easy on the stuff. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that my bad experiences with bronzer were simply because I had not found the One for me.

When the last LivBox revealed a Lumene Arctic Sun Bronzer amongst its beauty goods, I was positively giddy. The Lumene bronzer was something I had already been eyeing for a while, even nearly bought it once or twice, but I had still been doubtful to commit, due to my past experiences. A quick sampling of the bronzer instantly left me pleasantly surprised! The bronzer wasn’t very dark, but it wasn’t lacking in pigmentation either. It was quite matte and quite subtle and I had a really good feeling about it right then and there!

This bronzer is a perfect match for my light skin. It’s not too brown, it’s not too orange, it’s almost a bit peachy in hue. It gives me a really nice, just slightly sun-kissed look when applied with a large, fluffy brush. It has just the right amount of pigment to make sure I won’t end up overdoing it, but I also don’t have to cake it on. The packaging of the product is very simple, navy blue container with a see-through lid that has a golden rim. It doesn’t look all that expensive, but it’s certainly better than their old containers which were the navy blue, oddly-shaped boxes with plain clear lids and simple LUMENE text on top. It does do a good job displaying the beautiful wavy pattern on the bronzer though!


Lumene Arctic Sun Bronzer 1 Fresh Day (10g / 14,90 €) (Not necessarily available all around the world.)

Packaging: Simple, feels reasonably durable, doesn’t look expensive, but the bronzer’s lovely wavy pattern is shown well.

Scent: The product is unscented.

Pigment: Perfectly natural-looking, slightly peachy bronzer with a good amount of pigment (yet not so much that you can easily over do it).

How does it work: You don’t need to use a very heavy hand with this product as there’s loads of pigment and the texture is quite soft and easily blendable. Gives even my kind of a pale skin a nice sun-kissed look. The bronzed effect seems to last all day (8-10+ hours) for me without a need to reapply.

Who would I recommend to: Anyone who has a fairly pale to light-medium skin tone, most likely. Anyone looking for a peachy bronzer.

Would I repurchase: After now trying it, yes, I think I would repurchase! The price isn’t bad at all and I really feel like this is a high quality product.

Here I have used the bronzer (along with MUA’s blusher in Lolly) as a part of my last Saturday’s makeup look:

Sunday Summary

wpid-img_20140824_195933.jpgIt’s been a bit of a more quiet week now in terms of the blog, but I’ve had a very busy week otherwise. Most of the week has been spent trying to figure out how to function with my new, short hair. It’s so odd to go for a walk with the poodle without a hair tie and it’s so strange to wash my hair when it feels like I´m running out of hair as soon as I start! I also had a not-so-fun time waiting for an electrician to show up on Wednesday to fix the light and the fan above the stove. First, they called me when they were already here and I was of course at work and Mike at school, so I couldn’t do anything about it. I then had to leave work before noon to go let them in as they were supposed to finally be able to come by again at noon. It was either that or no service at all (nice terms, guys!). So, I was home just before noon and when do the guys show up? At 1 PM. No rush. Yeah.

In general, work was quite hectic all week and on Thursday most of the day was spent doing fun off-work activities with my colleagues, such as eating at our favorite Greek restaurant (delicious, delicious food!) and bowling in the dark. I was feeling ill all morning, but all that Greek food worked as a great pick-me-up and I actually did a pretty good job bowling, though I hadn’t done any since like 1998…

Yesterday was spent mostly at Ikea where we (for once) just leisurely walked around absorbing ideas and selecting some items for the home. I have been desperately needing a new comfortable office chair for months and my bedroom “beauty desk” broke down during/after the move and was really unsafe, so I also bought a new desk. I also finally bought the black and white blanket I’ve got my eye on for like 2 years – it was now on sale. We also bought some new dishes, black stoneware, and some new drinking glasses in a smokey black/grey shade, which I love.

Today was spent organizing and cleaning the home as well as sorting out my new “beauty desk” and its contents. Also did the weekly grocery shopping, which is always quite a huge chore, but somehow very satisfying to get the fridge stocked up!

Plans for the week to come include a trip to one of our suppliers/importers at work and my co-worker’s birthday. We’re also probably heading over to visit my mother towards the end of the week as I have Friday off and Mike may have his off as well.

Lavera Organic Mint Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid


Lavera Organic Mint Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid (30 ml / 15,50 €)
The product is eco certified and cruelty free.

INCI: Water (Aqua), Alcohol*, Glycerin, Myristyl Alcohol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Tricaprylin, Zinc PCA, Squalane, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Germ Powder*, Xanthan Gum, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract*, Tocopheryl Acetate, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Leaf Extract*, Arctium Lappa Root Extract*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Tocopherol, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Lysolecithin, Brassica Campestris (Rapeseed) Sterols, Lecithin, Chlorophyllin-Copper-Complex (CI 75810), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Fragrance (Parfum)**, Limonene**, Citral**, Linalool**, Citronellol**, Geraniol**.
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture, ** natural essential oils

Packaging: Simple white and green plastic package with a pump. Nothing special, but does look fresh and clean.

Scent: A bit minty, very fresh, herbal.

Consistency: Extremely light pale green emulsion.

How does it work: The light weight emulsion absorbs quickly and leaves the skin delightfully matte and fresh feeling. Works really well under makeup on my normal/mixed skin. According to the product description, this should work on tightening/shrinking the pores and healing skin infections while leaving the skin looking fresh and bright. I would say it does seem to reduce the appearance of my giant pores, somewhat.

Who would I recommend this to: Most definitely to anyone with oily or semi-oily skin and for those who are looking for a very light moisturizer.

Would I repurchase: Yes, especially for summer. I think this will be too light for me during the winter, but for summer this is really good. I love the cooling effect it has and the lightness of it! I bought mine as a package deal with a mask from the same line, but I think this is worth the normal price of 15,50 euros as well.

A few thoughts on copyrights

As I have been thinking up blog posts to come, I have found myself thinking about copyright laws as well. As part of my studies for my bachelor’s degree (media producing) I spent many rather tedious hours studying copyright laws as taught by a lawyer who was anything but an engaging teacher. I hated it and I thought the laws were pretty ridiculous. Now, as time has passed since those studies and I’ve seen many copyright arguments pop to the surface I find myself very wary of what I can post in my blog and what not. The odds of someone sueing me are quite slim, but considering that I’m not made of money, I don’t want to take my chances.

I recently took some time to brush up on the general ideas of the copyright laws, to freshen up my memory and to see how today’s social media fits into it all. For instance, I absolutely love Pinterest, though I realize that technically, if you dig a little, even pinning or repinning something likely violates copyright laws. I believe that Pinterest is still responsible for what goes on in it and that it is their job to monitor who’s pinning what and where from and to deal with the legal matters that may rise – after all, they are providing the service. However, if someone is really mad about their photo/painting/chart/whatever being pinned or repinned, yeah, I’m sure they can aim their anger at you just as well.

In the case of Pinterest, I do find the thought of someone getting upset over copyrights being rather ridiculous. In Pinterest, everything is pinned due to an inspiration provided by the original piece, whatever it may be. If your work is inspiring someone, isn’t that the greatest compliment you can get? I wouldn’t mind at all if someone were to pin a picture I’ve taken, and I most certainly would encourage it, but I admit, I would like to see my name mentioned in the credits (or my blog’s name).

In general, my view on copyrighted images (whatever kind they may be) is that I would personally be happy, if someone took a photo/painting/etc that I was the original artist on and shared it somewhere with credits given to me. If someone took it and claimed it as theirs, I would hunt them down. If someone took it and didn’t mention me in any way, I would be somewhat sad and upset, but I would live with it – especially if it’s linked to me somehow. In terms of music I find the laws to be more tricky and I don’t wish to go into it when it’s not really relevant for my blog. As far as I know, it’s perfectly fine to share with people the songs you’ve listened to on Spotify, since many things can be listened for free online anyway.

In addition to Pinterest, there’s Polyvore. A website loved by many bloggers, including myself. It’s such a handy tool to make collages of just about everything – yet at the same time, you’re once again using copyrighted material since you are using photos from websites, ad campaigns and magazines, etc. Who is the one responsible here? The person who clipped the images from the web to begin with – or the person using them to make their collage? I guess both are guilty. However, I am willing to bet that many companies benefit from Polyvore and people clipping images and then sharing the collages with others. It’s basically free advertizing for you and who in their right mind would turn down that? If I clip your eyeshadow palette and express how I really really really want it and the image links to your site… how is that bad for anyone?

You do have to think about the original artist though, a photographer, for example. Yet, when you photograph products for an online catalog, you are photographing something someone else already made. Complicated, huh? The photographer likely got well paid for his/her work though and he/she got the luxury of their work being featured somewhere, which, I think, is very important to most photographers (it would be for me). If you clip this image and use it in a collage, it’s not really promoting the original artist’s work though, is it? It is simply an inspiration offering inspiration to others. But at the same time, does the artist need promoting for a picture of a pair of jeans? I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, the whole point of this rant is that it’s hard to be a blogger without in one way or another violating copyright laws. Heck, it’s hard to even just be a creative and inspired individual without doing so! I would definitely like to ask for artists/authors to collaborate with bloggers (and people in general) a bit more and simply allow limited use of their work when given the appropriate credit for it. And I’m not saying that everyone should be allowed to benefit financially for the hard work done by others, but I think promoting and sharing beauty, inspiration and clever ideas should be allowed.

Have you knowingly or unknowingly broken copyright laws? Do you find them difficult to go by?

Flow Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap

Flow - Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap

I’m not usually one for soap bars, other than perhaps washing my hands. Bar soaps often have the most heavenly scents, but I’ve been skipping them as I haven’t felt like they’re very hygienic (which is a false assumption, see for instance this article here) and that they end up permanently slimy very quickly. I have several times been touching, sniffing and stroking (not in a creepy way) these soap bars in one of my local eco shops and I’ve always ended up walking away. Hesitantly, but walking away none the less. So what made me finally buy one?

To make it all even more bizarre, I actually ordered mine online without even sniffing it! For some reason, I was just certain that I needed a geranium-scented soap in my life. I figured I would give the eco friendly bar soaps a go, since I’m working on this new, more natural lifestyle. You have to admit, they don’t waste natural resources when it comes to packing materials! All there is, is a simple little paper wrap around the bar of beautiful, light purple soap.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve tried a bar soap. I just kind of always felt like even if they were lathering up and/or gliding nicely on my skin, they always left me squeaky clean in a bad way – completely stripped of moisture. Like I said, I have used bar soap to wash my hands, but I have always preferred liquid soaps, or even better, foam soaps. I was intrigued to see what an organic, natural bar soap would have to offer and what’s even better, all these soaps are made right here in Finland and they are of course cruelty free as well.

Flow Organic Himalayan Salt-Geranium Soap (80 g / 7,90 €)

To be noted: This particular soap is either being discontinued or relaunched in the near future.

Packaging: To call it simple would be an understatement. A single piece of paper is wrapped around the bar of soap. All the necessary information is on the bar, no nonsense.

Main ingredients: Shea butter, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, oils from geranium, lavender, ylang ylang, jasmin and orange.

Scent: Subtle, clean, calming, a bit flowery and slightly oriental.

Consistency: This is a very hard and solid bar of soap that does not turn gooey or mushy in the slightest when used. Maintains its shape well as long as it’s left on a suitable platform to dry (so that it can breathe and dry properly). Lathers up, but not into a very rich or creamy lather.

How does it work: The soap bar is recommended for various skin problems (which I don’t really have except for perhaps dry skin) and it feels like it cleanses the skin really well. It does give you that squeaky clean feeling – but only for a moment. The clean feeling remains, but the “squeakyness” quickly vanishes and I’ve noticed that my skin actually feels pretty good after using this soap – especially my elbows, which normally feel quite rough and dry. I have even used this soap on my face a couple of times and amazingly enough, my face doesn’t seem to mind it either!

Who would I recommend this to: Anyone interested in cutting back on the waste left behind, going a bit organic and generally enjoying a lovely scented bath or shower! I’ve also read that people with eczema have even found some relief from this soap, so perhaps that’s also something to consider.

Will I buy again: I would actually love to try several soaps by Flow, perhaps even their shampoo bars, if I’m really brave. They seem to be going through some kind of changes in their line right now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what is to come! I would also purchase this particular soap again.

Check out the Flow’s site here (in English)! They do actually deliver to all of EU, Norway, USA and Canada – and if you e-mail them asking if they ship to your country, they may just as well!