Moving on up

Ah, Monday, you’re here again. Could not resist the post title… since we are moving from the 1st floor to the 5th. Weekend was spent packing, driving, unpacking, driving etc late into the night, because Finland has also been suffering from a crazy heat wave for a couple of weeks now, which doesn’t seem to be going away. Car’s thermometer has at best been showing +41 celcius during our move and I’ve been sweating buckets. Sorry about the TMI. We’ve been trying to do as much of the move as possible as late in the day as possible to sweat a bit less, but honestly, yesterday it would have probably been smarter to just sweat during the day. We were moving and organizing stuff close to midnight and I didn’t get to bed until it was closer to 1 am… I had to get up at 6 and take the dog out, which was really wanting to go out, until he saw it was raining and wanted to just go back in…

We’ve got pretty much all of our clothes moved (and I’ve stocked up 2 boxes full of clothes I’m no longer planning on keeping and there’s probably still more to go), a lot of the kitchen stuff moved and a good deal of towels and such items as well as all of my husband’s den (save for the furniture). The storage capacity of my poor Volvo has been exhausted to the max and I’ve done about 170 km of driving just going back and forth. The apartments are about 20-25km apart.

It was nice to find out though that our apartment had been cleaned up after we last saw it and there was nothing really that needed to be done, apart from a bit of wiping down in the kitchen. It was also nice to have the electricity turned on now, so we got to really view the bathroom and sauna as well – looks nice! Everything is quite modern and lovely. We were pretty bummed out though when we noticed that we had not received the light oak laminate we had spoken of and agreed upon, but instead we got regular oak laminate, which isn’t the same color as our light furniture… Of course there is no time now to start changing it up and I’m pretty sure that we don’t want to pay for that either! I’m confident though that the apartment will look nice once we get settled in.

Even though technially we’re only losing 2 square meters, it feels like a lot more, because we’re losing the space where it counts. We’ve had a ridiculously small bathroom for the past year, but now we’re gaining two bathrooms and a sauna, which obviously take away space from the other rooms. Some furniture will likely not fit, but we’ll see once we get there – as long as my desk and makeup table fit, I’m pretty okay.

Our apartment building was built in 2009 so it’s still fairly new. We’ve seen some interesting choices made in terms of ecological options throughout the building. The drying room downstairs uses the moisture from the drying clothes to produce energy, thus recycling and replenishing what it takes to keep the dryer going. The whole building is sensitive to the changes of the environment around it, adjusting its heating and cooling accordingly. On a very cold and windy day the heating is increased where as on a warm and sunny day it’s automatically reduced. Several recycling options have been offered as well, which is always a bonus.

This week will be likely spent mostly in silence here in the blog as the moving is going to take up all of our time at least until Friday. But, worry not, I won’t be gone for long!


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