Mineral base mini series – Part 2 – Using a mineral makeup base

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

Different mineral foundations and powders

As I mentioned in my previous post, different mineral makeup manufacturers offer products with different finishes. Most brands have a basic makeup base and then different types of finishing powders that offer various different looks. For instance, the BareMinerals’ Bare Escentuals line offers, in addition to the basic base, a matte base and a few different finishing powders, such as the moisturizing finishing powder and the illuminating finishing powder. Bare Escentuals does also offer a mineral base in a liquid form as well as in a compact form. Lily Lolo on the other hand only does one kind of a base and three different finishing powders – Flawless Matte (oil absorbing), Translucent Silk (illuminating, translucent), Flawless Silk (illuminating, tinted). Some other brands, like Jane Iredale, also do other mineral bases, such as BB creams, tinted moisturizers or even sun screens.

When choosing your makeup, you should pay attention to the promised finish and it’s compatibility with your skin. And again, I do recommend shopping around a bit before settling down and investing on a potentially expensive base!

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

How to apply your mineral makeup base (powder):

  1. Cleanse and moisturize your skin really well.
  2. If you want to / require to use a primer, apply it on the areas you want.
  3. Pour the makeup powder onto the lid of the package, but remember to start with only a small amount. You can add more as you go and layer it up.
  4. Take the brush of your choice (kabuki works best) and lightly twirl it in the minerals before knocking off the excess by tapping the brush onto the edge of the lid – this is how you prevent the “flour face effect” that you might get if you get a bit too giddy with your powder product. Often, a small amount goes a long way anyway!
  5. Apply the base onto your face with circular movements and a soft hand. You don’t want to rub too hard! The circular movements help the powder to really become one with your skin, leaving a natural, polished finish. I’ve also noticed that applying the powder in a circular motion covers up the pores better than simply stroking the powder on or if I apply it by pressing it on.
  6. If you want more coverage, apply another layer of the base.
  7. If you have something to cover up, you can either use the base to cover up the imperfections (use a concealer brush for this) or you can use a specific mineral concealer, if you need heavy duty coverage.
  8. Apply your finishing powder of choice (optional). Finishing powders are a good way to set the base and prolong the wear time of your base. The finishing powders can also offer a bit of illumination to an otherwise matte and one dimensional base.
  9. If your skin is left looking a bit dry, or you would simply like your look to be a bit more dewy, lightly spray spring water or moisturizing face mist on – and let it air dry.

Attention! Not all mineral bases can be layered equally. I’ve noticed that for instance, the original Bare Escentuals base layers much better than the slightly dryer Lily Lolo base. For instance, Lily Lolo works well for me to cover up slightly darker under eye areas, but it’s not enough to fully cover up a really red pimple. If you have a lot of redness or spots to cover up, you might want to invest in a separate concealer.

Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup

Pay in mind that the finish matters. For a long time, I was using the Lily Lolo Translucent Silk Finishing Powder, hoping to achieve that wonderful, dewy glow. Right after applying my makeup, my face looked pretty nice, but even then, I had to add a bit of regular powder on my nose to make sure it would be matte. Though I found the mineral base to be long wearing, I did often find myself pretty shiny within 3-4 hours from applying my makeup – until I switched to Flawless Matte Finishing Powder. The Flawless Matte can be made to look dewy as well, with a light misting of thermal spring water – or with the help of highlighting powder. Again, remember, it’s always easier to add a bit of shimmer and shine than it is to take it away and still look fresh.

Finally, remember, that even though powdery mineral makeup lasts a long time, it’s still best to store it somewhere else than your often hot and humid bathroom. The humidity will only cause the product to get clumpy and it becomes more difficult to get out of the packaging. The humidity will also shorten the amount of time the product remains in pristine condition.

Also, remember to keep your brushes clean! A good cleaning once a week with Marseille soap should do it! Clean brushes provide a clean and smooth makeup application.

Have you tried mineral foundations?


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