Mineral base mini series – Part 1 – Choosing your base

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation & Flawless Matte Finishing Powder

First of all, I doubt that anyone is surprised anymore when I say that my personal mineral base of choice is the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF 15 in Porcelain, I have spoken of it many times before! I have been using minerals for about 1,5 years now, though a bit on and off perhaps, because now and then I’ve still wanted to experiment with liquid foundations. Honestly, not all like the mineral foundation and there are those who don’t even want to give it a chance. I believe there is a suitable mineral base for pretty much anyone out there, with the exception of perhaps those with a whole lot to cover up. Minerals of certain brands can be built up for quite a lot of coverage though. Mineral foundation can also be a real help for those suffering from breakouts or even acne, because they are, at their best, very pure.

Lily Lolo Minerals

If you have decided that you would like to try mineral makeup, I suggest looking around a bit as there are quite a few brands who offer mineral makeup – at least, if you’re not the palest of the pale like I am. Not all ranges offer as wide of a variety as some of the bigger ones, like BareMinerals or Lily Lolo, for example. Most brands also offer you sample sizes of their products so that you can get the feel of the thing as well as figure out what shade is right for you. The samples are usually very inexpensive, but there tends to be enough product to get more than just one try out of them! You might also want to take a look at the ingredients (and INCI) of the product to see if it is actually all minerals, because companies can technically market a product as mineral makeup as long as it contains some minerals. Some brands offer 100% natural mineral makeup, where as some brands also put synthetic ingredients into their minerals to improve them one way or another. The most natural of the mineral bases can contain well under 10 ingredients where as certain brands market their products as mineral makeup – yet have an ingredient list as tall as a house. Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation SPF 15 for example contains only mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxides, which indicates that it’s made 100% out of minerals. These all natural mineral bases are actually so pure that you could basically sleep in them without having to worry about the condition of your skin. (Though I still recommend removing your makeup in the evening!)

Lily Lolo Mineral

Not all mineral bases suit everyone, which is, again, a good reason to shop around a bit and see which one works for you. If you have a very sensitive skin or skin with a lot of problems, I would recommend to avoid a mineral base that has bismuth oxychloride in it, because it can often irritate sensitive skin. Of course, not all people get a reaction from it – and it’s also used in some lipsticks and nail polishes. By shopping around a bit, you can also find out which base gives you the kind of a look you want to achieve. A common misconception is that mineral bases are very chalky and you can’t, for instance, achieve a dewy look with them. You can actually get a nice, naturally glowing dewy look with minerals, if you know how (more on that in another chapter). For those with a combination skin or oily skin, I would recommend not choosing dewy finishes, because it’s always easier to add a bit of that glow afterwards with the help of a good highlighter rather than trying to take away all the added shine the dewy finish gives you. For those with dry skin, I recommend moisturizing really well and even choosing a day cream that’s perhaps a bit richer even than what you might use underneath a liquid foundation. In general, a mineral base always requires a well moisturized skin in order to look lovely and natural.

When you have found the brand you love (possibly through samples), see if they offer some kind of a starter kit – they often come with the right brush(es) and the basic products to get you started easily! The starter kits often offer a good deal as well, so you can also end up saving a bit!

To sum it up, when you are choosing your mineral base…

  • Consider the condition of your skin; is it normal, oily, dry or combination?
  • Consider the finish you want; matte or dewy – or somewhere in the middle?
  • Shop around and try out different samples by different brands.
  • Try to choose the shortest INCI you can find – if you are looking for the most natural product.
  • Make sure you get your money’s worth – the most expensive brand is not necessarily the best one (for you).
  • Buy the proper tools for applying the product! (A kabuki brush works best, either with a short grip or a long one.)

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