I’ve been feeling extremely sluggish all weekend. The crazy heat we’ve been getting and the nearly constant sunshine (in Finland, the sun shines nearly 24h/day during summer, even here towards the south) has drained me so completely that doing anything useful has been more or less out of the question. I’ve pretty much spent my time drinking cold drinks and enjoying my new 23″ monitor that arrived in the mail on Friday – as did my Lily Lolo minerals that I ordered a while ago.

Yesterday I managed to drag myself to the grocery store and the pharmacy, but I can safely admit I’ve done nothing but watched old episodes of Ugly Betty and drank tons and tons of water and a bit of this delicious strawberry-ice-orange juice -mix (seen in the breakfast picture). I’ve walked the dog, but if anyone asks, I think both I and the poodle are more comfortable indoors in front of a fan!

I also managed to put together a little makeup look yesterday, with one of my favorite eye shadow palettes, MUA Makeup Academy’s From Dusk ‘Til Dawn palette. I used the white shade on my brow bone and inner corners of my eye, then the slightly purple-ish shade next to it for the lid and the deep purple shade on the outer corners and softly on the lower lash line as well. A bit of black eyeliner tightlining and a coat of my new Lumene mascara to finish it off! For eyebrows I used my trusty Rimmel eyebrow pen and of course, Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation & Matte Finishing Powder for the base. For cheeks I used my Bare Minerals bronzer and MUA’s blusher in Bubblegum. On the lips I have a Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in a very pale shade 103 Iridescent Rose Diamonds. As for my hair… I slept with my hair on a bun and curls happened!

Odd how that eye makeup looks so silvery, even though I was using purples! In real life they looked perhaps a hint more purple than in the pictures. Such a lovely palette!

I plan on spending the rest of my Sunday doing absolutely nothing, except helping my husband cook parmesan chicken with this pesto rosso pasta we’re planning on.

How has your weekend been?


4 thoughts on “Sluggish

  1. Look how pretty you look!
    I would die if it’s daylight even at night! That makes me sound like a vampire but, that sucks. I get my you feel that way.

    • Hahaha :D Yes well, during winter it’s darkness 24/7 :P It compensates. I live reasonably south in Finland so during winter, even on our darkest days there are still about 4-6 hours of somewhat daylight and during summer there is still perhaps 3-4 hours of somewhat of darkness. My friend lives above the arctic circle and she doesn’t see the sun for 2,5 months during winter :D

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