got2b guardian angel

I rarely blow-dry my hair, especially during summer when it’s just too hot to do, but I do use a straightener or curler now and then and I acknowledge that I should use a heat protector of some sort. After seeing a few good reviews, I opted for the Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel heat protection some months ago. Yes, months. This product is still almost full, because it has mostly spent its days sitting in my bathroom haircare basket unused, yet I haven’t dared to throw it away, because it’s almost unused and I had been hoping that I had just been doing something wrong and that it should be good.

got2b guardian angel (200ml / approx. 8 €)

Packaging: A reasonably sized, tall and slender black plastic spray bottle with a bit of gold decoration and white text. Probably aimed at a younger (and possibly cooler) clientele than I, but none the less, I find the packaging to be alright. The curve of the bottle provides a decent grip.

Promise: “Protect your sizzling styles with got2b guardian angel with up to 220’C heat protection, your hair will be invincible when using hot irons + blow dryers. So, go ahead and create your hair styles, now you have your own guardian angel protecting you! Be divine and shine!”

Scent: I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. It’s not entirely what I would hope for my hair to smell like, but it’s better than in a lot of the heat protection sprays I’ve sniffed. I wouldn’t recommend this to those who are quite sensitive of scents though! It can be overpowering.

What does it do: My hair is naturally wavy, at times a bit frizzy and medium-thick. For me… this product was unfortunately little more than a hot mess. I have tried to use it before blow drying, but it just leaves my hair feeling like straw. Hard and also a bit sticky. For some reason this just doesn’t seem to work on my hair at all. I’m not seeing any shine added to my hair and it even ends up looking quite… dry, to be honest. Many people have used this and loved this, but it’s certainly not the product for me. Shame, because it sounded good enough on paper!

Would I repurchase: No. I don’t see myself using this, because of the way it makes my hair feel. It just creeps me out, sorry, got2b.


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