The konjac sponge & other eco goods


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I have been on a bit of a health (& beauty) kick as of late and my latest purchases in that field should be arriving for me soon. My quest for finding eco & animal friendly alternatives to everyday products sometimes feels like a real chore, because it feels like I learn more and more every day and realize I have to find yet another product that fits the bill of ethical consuming. I have been increasing the amount of fruit, vegetables and berries in my diet and I have been replacing some meals/snacks with smoothies and salads. Not just because of the obvious health benefits, but also because on a hot day smoothie feels like the perfect choice!

In addition to trying to clean up my diet a bit I’ve also been looking into new, eco & animal friendly beauty products, such as the Konjac sponge, which has seen some hype from beauty bloggers (at least in Finland) for quite some time. Asian readers probably know the konjac plant from food industry, where it is commonly used in dishes such as oden, in Japan. The plant itself contains no calories, but it has a lot of fiber, which is why it’s also a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements. I, however, planning on rubbing the roots of the plant on my face! The konjac sponge can be used on its own to remove light makeup – all you need is your sponge and water. For heavier makeup or very intense eye makeup, you can use the sponge with your favorite cleaning product. I’m personally looking forward to using this to wake up my face in the morning and to give it a very light exfoliation in the process. I have ordered the Konjac Pure sponge, intended for normal, balanced skin. Even though my skin is more of a mixed skin than completely normal, I was worried that the sponge intended for mixed to oily skin would be too harsh. I am expecting my order of the konjac sponge to be delivered early next week along with a few other eco-friendly beauty products, such as a clay mask by Cattier Paris and a minty day cream / emulsion by Lavera. I’m also going to be trying out a new herbal toothpaste, the Urtekram Mint & Green Tea. I’m pretty excited to get to try them all!

By the way, it has only been about a month since I purchased The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet face cream and I’ve almost run out already! Though I have used it day and night, I still feel like you end up going through a lot of product rather quickly, which is a bit disappointing, because it wasn’t, in my opinion, a cheap product. I have absolutely loved it though and I think I will still repurchase, but I may end up using it together with the Lavera’s emulsion (hopefully it’s good!) to make it last a bit longer.

In other news, I’m going to give everyone a heads up already that it’s very likely that between 25th and 31st of this month it may be rather quiet here in the blog as we are moving apartments! Since I am working fully until the 29th, it’s likely that I won’t have as much time for my blog as I would like since my spare time will be spent packing our stuff. I am both terrified and excited about the move – and a bit sad to leave our current home behind because it has been such a lovely one. Our location has been superb, our neighbors have been very friendly and there are a lot of dogs (and a dog park) nearby, which has been very nice as well. I will certainly miss it all and I will probably also miss living on the convinient 1st floor, but then again, I’m trying to think of the fact that we shall soon be on the top (5th) floor with nobody rummaging above us and with a better view to boot. We are going to have an open livingroom – kitchen combo going on, which feels a bit weird since I’ve never really had one and my desk will be in that space as well. Then again, we will also have our own sauna again and I get to indulge myself with different sauna products again… mmmm…


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