Summer lips


Barely there or vibrant. I don’t seem to go for the middle ground when it comes to lips. Above you see my current favorite summer lipsticks / glosses that I find myself reaching for over and over. Unfortunately when swatched on my hand, you can barely see some of them! I do however have naturally very dark lips, so none of these look invisible on me.

In the top picture from the left: MUA Makeup Academy Power Pout in Rendezvous, Isadora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Sherbet and next to it Coral Cocktail*, Isadora Multi Vitamin Gloss in Pomegranate, Maybelline Color Sensational in Shocking Coral*, Maybelline Color Sensational the Shine in Ice Tea, MUA Makeup Academy Lipstick in Shade 4.

*so not coral in the slightest.

Forgive me, if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t coral be some kind of even slightly orange-y shade? The Shocking Coral is a super vibrant deep pink on my lips and Coral Cocktail is a juicy coral-pink. Both are lovely, but not what I would instantly think of as coral.

Regardless, these are my go-to shades during the warm, sunny times! Rendezvous, Shocking Coral and Coral Cocktail are the shades I often wear as the main focus on my makeup as they all give a very strong, vibrant color on my lips (as they are so dark, it takes very little), but the rest I often pair with a look that has the focus point on the eyes. I feel that if I put a lot of color on both my eyes and my lips, I quickly look clownish.

Why do I like these shades?

Rendezvous I like because even though I bought it thinking it’s a nice nude shade and it turned out very pink on my lips, it’s a very beautiful shade that suits me well. The minty scent certainly also helps.

Sherbet I like because it’s so subtle and barely there. It suits both a natural look and a very glamorous eye makeup look.

Coral Cocktail is super juicy, glossy and beautiful pink-coral that I just adore. Oh, and it smells like vanilla, as does Sherbet.

Pomegranate feels good on the lips, perhaps because of these vitamins. It gives a great shine, but unlike most glosses that come in a similar packaging, this one isn’t sticky. The shade is also beautifully natural.

Shade 4 is my go-to light pink that can be paired with pretty much anything. It looks like a really candy pink shade in the tube, but comes out very sheer and just as a hint of pink.

Shocking Coral is shockingly not coral at all, but it’s a good thing vibrant pink suits me better anyway. It is definitely a warm pink on the lips, though it looks pretty cold when swatched on my hand. Very richly pigmented. I got this one from my mom – on whom it did look orange-y!

Ice Tea would probably be closest to nude I can go. It’s a warm, slightly peach-y beige hue, very sheer and one that goes with pretty much any look. I like it because it’s so neutral.

What’s your summer favorite lipstick or gloss?


7 thoughts on “Summer lips

    • It’s odd because I don’t really wear pink or otherwise have it in my life, but it just seems like it’s the best color for me, regardless of how intense of a pink it is. If it’s pink, I can wear it :D Today I’m actually wearing orange lipstick because I do love the idea of orange lips, it just… is not the best color for me. As far as clothes, orange things look awful on me :(

      • Since I was a little kid I have been anti pink. It’s only recently that I have let pink lipstick into my life. Also, if I’m being completely honest, my favorite summer lip is a dark, vampy red… because that’s my fav no matter what.

        Maybe orange is like red. You just have to find the right one :)

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