I want to love these, but…


These two lip glosses. I want to love them. But… somehow they have both been lying in my makeup drawer pretty much untouched for months. Why? I am more of a lipstick or should I say jumbo pen kind of a girl these days, but now and then I do go for a glossy gloss, though it is always risky when it’s windy and you wear eye glasses… and have hair. My gloss use has dwindled down greatly over the years, because about 5 years back I wore nothing but glosses. These days they are only a very tiny portion of my lip makeup selection! But why do I not love these two?


Burt’s Bees / MUA Makeup Academy

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Shine in Blush (020)

This should be like the lip gloss for me, but I can’t seem to use it. It’s cruelty free and all natural and it doesn’t smell unpleasant (though the scent is quite sweet), yet I just can’t fall in love. It provides a great amount of shine and it’s not that sticky, though you do feel it on your lips. Obviously, as a shine, the staying power isn’t that great, but that’s usually what you get with shines. I got this from a LivBox some months ago and I was super excited, but yeah, as I said, it’s just been sitting in my makeup drawer since. When I wear it, I keep tasting it and I’m not loving that. I think that may be why I don’t wear it. I also feel that a gloss in a tube is more of something out of my teen self’s makeup kit than something a grown woman (?) should own. I wish it gave my lips more color too, because I think the fact that it doesn’t really show up on my lips has something to do with why I haven’t tried that hard to love it.

Burt's Bees / MUA Makeup Academy

Burt’s Bees / MUA Makeup Academy

MUA Makeup Academy Sheer Finish Lip Gloss in Some Me Time

I knew it said sheer finish lip gloss, but I guess I still wished for some color. Unfortunately, this gives you pretty much nothing. This only cost me about a euro, so it doesn’t bother me that much that this gloss doesn’t seem to get much use. I really should put in a bit more of an effort though, because compared to the Burt’s Bees one, this feels nicer. This feels more light and moisturizing instead of sticky. In fact, this is not sticky at all. The scent reminds me a bit of maybe some kind of a strawberry cream candy, but I don’t keep tasting the gloss as I wear it, unlike with the Burt’s Bees. All in all, this should be a really nice gloss, yet I just don’t seem to wear it. Is it, again, just the fact that it gives my lips pretty much no color and I just seem to need color? Because this gloss is definitely the best you can get with a euro or two. I need to find some use for this one!

So, out of the two, the MUA one is my favorite by far, but perhaps the lack of pigment is the reason as to why it hasn’t seen much use. I should perhaps get another in a darker color, because I really like the feel this gloss has.

Do you have products you want to love, but just… don’t?


5 thoughts on “I want to love these, but…

  1. I actually have one of the Bert’s Bees ones in another color, but I also have just kind of let it go to waste in the back of a drawer. It really grabs a hold of my hair when I use it, which is mostly why I’m not really a gloss person. Can’t say I had even thought about it in a few months before I saw this post…

      • Usually on a windy day my hair first gets stuck on my lips and then the wind tosses my hair onto my eyeglasses… and let me tell you… there’s nothing more annoying than trying to get lip gloss off of your eyeglasses!

      • I am totally with you on that. I wear big, chunky glasses on days when I can’t be bothered with contacts. What’s even better is getting my lipstick on my fingers and then touching the lenses. Ah the trials of makeup and glasses.

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