Bird of Paradise

I haven’t done much in terms of makeup in ages. I’ve been stuck in a rut and I haven’t had much interest in getting out of it. However, I think the summer is starting to get to me. The colorful days and the sunshine. I ended up digging out one of my older eye shadow palettes, the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Quad in Tropical Tutu. The quad has, as the name suggests, 4 colors, but I have never used them all in one look. The shades are softly shimmery white, coral/orange, yellow-green and turquoise-blue and they do have a decent amount of pigment to them. L’Oréal always has good eye shadows, but, of course, I no longer buy their products. I have been on the lookout for a colorful palette as of late, but haven’t quite made up my mind yet. I would need one that I can also use wet for lining my eyes with, so if you can recommend one, please let me know!

Tropical Tutu

Anyway, I decided to go wild and use all of the four shades in my look. I actually followed the suggestion on the quad as to where to apply what shade. First, I applied the white softly onto my browbone with a bit of a nervous hand, because I normally stay clear of my browbone…. not sure why. Soft and subtle application turned out alright though, in my opinion. I’m so pale that the white pretty much was my skintone… hah. Next, I applied the coral shade onto the inner corners of my eyes, blending towards the center of the eye and up. I would say I covered about 1/3 of the eye with that hue. Next I took the green hue and used it on the rest of the lid, blending upwards and slightly out. After the green I took the turquoise / blue shade and a brush meant for eyebrows and/or eye lining and applied the turquoise along the lashline approximately 1/3 of the outer part of the eye. I also applied some lightly under the eye.

Tropical Tutu

I actually wore this look to work (we have a very casual office AND my eyeglasses mask my eyes a bit), boldly, if I may add. I decided not to line my upper lash line with anything, since I don’t own a liquid liner and I didn’t want the look to be really defined and strong. I applied one coat of Isadora All Day Long Lash Mascara and some eyebrow jumbo pen from KICKS onto my eyebrows. As far as the rest of the makeup goes, I used my Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Porcelain and BareMinerals bronzer (lightly). For lips I used Isadora Twist-Up Gloss Stick in Sorbet for the most natural look. I wanted all the focus to be on the eyes. All in all, I think I did pretty good, considering I have to do my makeup “half-blind” thanks to my -6.50 prescription. (I literally see well about 15 cm (about 5.9 inches) in front of me and only blurry mess from there on.)

Tropical Tutu

What do you think? Would you like to see me (attempt to) do more makeup looks?

PS. It’s weird to see your eyes in those giant close-up pictures!


6 thoughts on “Bird of Paradise

  1. This is really pretty! I’ve seen that quad before, and I never would have guessed that something this soft and sweet could come out of those colors. Have you looked into the Sleek I-Divine palettes? They have some really crazy color options, and they aren’t super expensive.

    Also I have nominated you for the beauty blogger of the month award! My post on it is right here:

    • Oh thank you for the nomination! It’s my 2nd one, heh… I must be on fire or something! :) I checked out those Sleek palettes and I think you might be onto something here! SUPER vibrant colors!

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