The Body Shop: Divide & Multiply Mascara

The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara

The Body Shop’s Divide & Multiply Mascara. It caught my eye at the Body Shop’s sale a while ago, though I wasn’t even needing a mascara as I had been quite happily using my Isadora All Day Long Lash mascara – 2nd tube in a row, which indicates that it must be pretty good. I hadn’t tried a TBS mascara in ages (like 12 years?) and thought I’d give one of them a go, since I was curious. The Divide & Multiply Mascara was on sale for 10 euros, which, by Finland’s stardards is practically a bargain for a mascara, so it was an easy choice. I noticed that this mascara had one of those rubbery wands I’ve grown to love and I figured it must be good! I’ve now had a couple of weeks to play with it so I’ve been able to form a pretty good opinion on it. So let’s get to it!

The Body Shop Divide & Multiply Mascara  (10 ml)

Promise: “A multiplying genius. Separates, defines and gives ultra-glossy lashes without clumping or flaking.”

Packaging: A khaki-colored plastic tube with a silvery applicator end. Simple and neat, nothing spectacular, but I like it.

Applicator: Quite thin, plastic wand with short plastic bristles that are close together. Comes out of the tube quite clean. You may want to take care applying the mascara as if you brush it on the skin and then go about fixing it with a cotton swab, you easily end up clumping your lashes together in the process!

The Body Shop: Divide & Multiply Mascara

Effect: Indeed does a fine job separating and defining the lashes. The lashes end up feeling quite soft and natural, but the due to the softness, the mascara can’t provide much in terms of curling the lashes. For a very wide-awake look (or for those with very straight lashes) I would recommend curlers. Applying a second coat also helps a bit. I haven’t managed to get any clumps out of this though, so also for that part it does what it promises. I’m not really seeing that much of a multiplying effect, but I would say the mascara gives that “your lashes, but slightly better” kind of look that I personally quite like on days when I’m not doing a very full makeup anyway.

Durability: Some reviews I’ve read had said that the mascara tends to flake out during the day, but so far I haven’t noticed any flaking. Then again, I only normally use one layer of mascara, which might affect the results somewhat. I wear my mascara starting around 7 am and often washing it off around 10 pm, but I expect my mascara to at least get me through my work day, so approximately until 4:30 or 5 pm. On very hot and humid days I’ve noticed some smudging under the eye come afternoon, but no flaking.

Removability: Well, plain water only gives you horrifying panda eyes. Oil-based makeup remover (my TBS Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil) + shower leaves me with somewhat of panda eyes. Eye makeup remover is the way to go with this one. Mine is designed for waterproof makeup and it has no trouble removing this one. No rubbing required there!

The Body Shop: Divide & Multiply Mascara

Overall: Does pretty much what it promises to do, but could still do a bit better with wearability. Great for those looking to get natural-looking lashes – and who don’t need their mascara to survive sweating, swimming or intense humidity. I also wouldn’t recommend this for those seeking for a mascara that gives you a good amount of volume, because this doesn’t really offer you much in terms of that. It does offer some extra lenght for your lashes though, without making them look “spidery”. I have to also say that it works better on the days when I wear mineral foundation – on the days when I’ve worn the BB cream it has definitely smudged more and quicker. Some other reviews had complained about the smell of the product, but at least mine doesn’t smell in any way foul… I never find mascaras to be particularly good-smelling and as such, I don’t smell anything odd about this one either. Bottom line is that this is a reasonable mascara for those seeking for definition and a bit more of a natural look – but if you are expecting volume, don’t bother.

I would rank it 8 / 10.


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