July 2014 LivBox

I’ve talked about LivBox here before, but I always feel a bit iffy about writing a piece on it because it’s one of those “only in Finland” -things, but I figured that in all fairness I also have to look at all the glorious boxes people get abroad! LivBox is the only monthly cosmetic box that you can subscribe to in Finland, which honestly, is a huge shame. In a way it’s good that I don’t go bankrupt, but I’d still like to shop around a bit between boxes, you know? And if there was a jewelry-filled box, I’d be really into that in a heartbeat!

LivBox-July 002

Anyway, LivBox costs about 15,90 euros / month, but I’ve ordered it almost since the beginning of things, back when the price was 13,90 / month, so I get that slight discount, which is nice. Now and then, LivBox also rewards its long-term customers, such as myself. One of those times was today!

Here’s my box and what I got from it! (not included in the picture were discount coupons for online stores)

LivBox-July 007

RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir (sample) – Light-weight argan oil elixir doesn’t feel greasy or heavy and it absorbs quickly into the hair. Hair will feel softer and appear shiny from roots to tips. Cares for the hair and maintains hair’s own, natural vibrancy. Suitable for all hair types and usable on both wet or dry hair. (16,90 € / 70 ml)

RICH Pure Luxury Intense Moisture Shampoo (sample) – Luxurious, everyday shampoo that moisturizes deeply and provides hair with shine. Repairs damaged hair, restoring hair’s natural vibrancy. Suitable for all hair types. (14,90 € / 250 ml)

Favora SPF 50+ Sun Protection for Face Provides a very high level of protection against sun’s harmful rays. Especially suitable for those with sensitive skin. Scent-free, waterproof formula. (18,50 € / 50 ml)

Invisibobble – New, gentle hair tie that won’t tug, won’t harm the hair. Hygienic and water resistant. (5,90 € / package of 3)

Dermosil Summer Glow Nail Polish Summer Glow nail polish shimmers together with the sun. High quality, durable nail polish provides nails with a long-lasting shine. Sophisticated golden tone enhances the tanned skin. (3,90 € / 12 ml)

Terre d’Oc Body Butter (sample, my BONUS product) – Rich, organic body butter protects and softens the skin. It’s easy to take with you and it can be used as a lip balm or cuticle cream as well. (11,50 € / 20 g)

I’m quite happy with this month’s box, though I wish it would have had more stuff in it (heh, don’t we always?). I felt that it was worth the money though, especially with my little bonus product included. I’m very glad to have received clear Invisibobbles, because I have dark brown ones and white ones (which I never use, except around the house). I think the clear ones will come in very handy as they’re quite neutral and blend in with the hair. I think.

I’m going to try the nail polish very soon, it looks quite pretty. It looks a lot like my MUA golden glittery nail polish, but I’m not sure yet if this one also leaves that kind of a grainy feeling on the nail or is this smooth… The sun protection for the face will probably come in handy, though the formula didn’t sound like the most appealing one, but I’m willing to give it a go. Shampoo samples are always welcome (especially if they come with conditioner) as they are nice to take on trips with. This one smells pretty great! The body butter comes in such a tiny tin that I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it mostly on my (forever dry) cuticles and perhaps I’ll try it on the lips as well. The tin is so adorable that I think I’ll be keeping it around for some time!

LivBox-July 011


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