The Body Shop: Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

The Body Shop: Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

I’m not the first person to review this product and I doubt I will be the last. I have however had my eye on this oil since early spring when I started to read about it for the first time. It seems to have been well loved by most people, but not all. I’ve now been using it for a week and here’s what I think!

The Body Shop: Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (price in Finland 18,50 €)

Packaging:  I like the packaging. I find the pump to be genius – then again, I haven’t tried traveling with this thing yet (though the pump does lock). The size of the package is 200 ml and I find that two pumps are better than one when cleaning my face, but then again, maybe I just like a lot of product? The package is see-through plastic, simple and clean-looking, just the way I like it.

Scent: Very mild and pleasant. I’d say a bit honey-like. Honey and flowers. Subtle, I doubt this would irritate anyone.

Consistency: Well, it is an oil. It looks like it and feels like it. Be careful with how forcefully you pump it!

Promise: Removes makeup quickly and effectively leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and free of impurities. Ultimate time-saver. Removes even waterproof mascara. Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers.

Does it deliver: Yes and no. It does clean up your face nicely and easily – surprisingly well, in fact. I usually follow up with a toner now that I got into the habit of using one, but I think you could do without. All the makeup is gone as you wash off the oil – except for your mascara. Eye shadows seem to come off pretty well, but mascara will just get everywhere and will not budge. I haven’t even been using water proof mascara nor my Isadora one that comes off with warm water. I’ve used The Body Shop’s Divide & Multiply Mascara all week to keep testing both the mascara and the oil. The mascara isn’t water proof, yet it will not come off with this oil. I’ve had to use a separate eye makeup remover all week. So, that’s a bummer, but otherwise the oil does remove makeup well and it feels very pleasant. Doesn’t seem to leave the skin oily in the slightest.

Would I repurchase: Despite the lack of removing my eye makeup, I think I would still repurchase, because I’ve otherwise found this to be a really nice way to clean my face. Compared to coconut oil, which is effective, this is far less of a pain if it accidentally gets into my eyes. Doesn’t feel unpleasant and doesn’t leave my eyes cloudy for an hour… I think I would purchase the eye makeup remover from the same range and just accept having “an extra step” in my cleansing routine. Honestly, I already do as until very recently, I only used one foaming cleanser and that was it. However, my skin has been feeling and looking a lot better now that I’m not trying to dry out the oiliness anymore!

To sum it up: Good product for my mixed skin, doesn’t add to the oiliness of my skin and definitely doesn’t dry anything out. Nice, clean feeling afterwards, pleasant scent and clever packaging. If you are looking for a sensitive cleaning product for your face and don’t mind using a separate eye makeup remover, this might well be the choice for you!


4 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

    • I’ve heard that many oils are actually really good for even the oiliest of skins. This camomile one is also marketed as suitable for all skin types. I think it would be an easier option than pure coconut oil for example… Surprisingly, I find this cleansing oil actually leaves my skin quite shine free once it has been washed off!

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