First some basics and then right out of the comfort zone


I ordered some clothing (only a few of them in the picture) from Swedish company, Ellos (who also operate in Finland), who sell their own brand as well as some others, such as Esprit, Björn Borg, Áhkka & Zizzi. I have been ordering a good chunk of my clothing from there for many years as I find that they deliver reasonably quickly (2-4 days if express delivery is chosen, 5-10 days normally, I think) and the returning of products is very easy. I also have credit up to 600 euros with them, which makes it easy to pick stuff, try it and then return the ones I might not wish to keep or that were the wrong size. The sizes do vary quite a bit within their own brand, but in most cases that I have ordered, I’ve ended up returning very little if anything.

This time I ordered a good deal of basics that my closet is sorely lacking. I seriously have 5 t-shirts with sequins on them (!!!) but not a single, decent plain black or grey t-shirt. Yeah. So, I thought that instead of buying the trendiest bits and pieces from the sales, I’d focus on hoarding solid basics for my collection – and then spicing them up with the many scarves I have and perhaps buying some colorful jewelry to accessorize with. Feels right.

So, as for basics, I ordered two tank tops (black & white) which are hopefully thick enough to be worn by themselves as well and not just as undershirts. Three t-shirts (black, white & grey) and three long sleeve knit-style tops (in the picture, also in black, white & grey). Then, somewhat stepping out of my comfort zone (which is jeans and some dresses), I selected slouchy, harem-y pants that I tried on earlier in the summer but felt I wanted a size bigger for a better fit – but then decided to not get them because they were quite pricey. Now that the price was down by about 30 euros, I thought I would order them and see if we have a future together. They are quite airy in terms of fabric though so hopefully the summer will still find its way in Finland at some point and I get to actually wear these this year!

As a complete opposite to those, I ordered tight stretch pants. Depending on the fabric these will be either a hit or a miss. I’m hoping for a hit, but I’m prepared for the miss. I would mostly wear them with a tunic, I think… except that I do realize I don’t really own tunics. Krhm. And then… I ordered that skirt. It’s a pleather skirt with flexible side panels and I love the look of it, but I’m not sure at all as to if it will be something that will look decent on me. I’ve got the badonkadonk worthy of a rap song and this may just end up being a bit much, all things considered.

I also ordered a brand new shower curtain for our new home (moving begins in 22 days!) and apparently, as a gift, I’m getting a mascara and a BB cream from Lumene with my order. Pretty sure the BB will be far too dark, but the mascara might be nice…


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