June Favorites

Happy July all! (I can’t believe it is July already…)

It would seem that my favorites lists are becoming more and more The Body Shop -oriented. As I was thinking of which products I’d have to mention as my favorites for June, I realized that about half of them are by TBS. Clearly, I’m going back to my teenage years, when TBS was IT. Regardless, here are my favorites for June:


The Body Shop Shea Body Butter and Shea Body Mist which is my most recent June purchase – and an instant falling in love. It’s funny, how you can’t really fall in love with a person at first sight (at least I can’t), but you can definitely fall in love with a scent at first sniff. In my case, these love affairs rarely last very long, but I’ve noticed that the more natural and pure the scent is, the longer I will love it – if not forever. I do also love TBS Brazil Nut products, but my husband is allergic to those, so I have to avoid them as well. In any case, the shea butter range has swept me off my feet and I feel fairly confident that they will remain a staple in my bathroom necessities. What’s not to love with this nutty goodness?

Herbina Chocolate & Oat Shower Gel is probably not sold outside Finland (it is of Finnish make and cruelty free) but I had to include it anyway. I actually bought it in the winter, but somehow ended up not using it and I have no idea why, because, I admit, these days I go take a shower just to get to use this. You can probably guess why. It’s shower gel that smells like a delicious chocolate porridge (which may also be a thing only Finns will understand). It smells so good that I both love it but also hate it for it makes me want to have chocolate porridge. All the time. Duh!

Four Reasons Volume Booster is designed to give the roots of your hair a bit of a lift as well as make them dry a bit quicker after a shower. I’ve found this product to work surprisingly well on my normally rather heavy and flat hair. Doesn’t leave any kind of an icky sensation to my hair (or scalp) either. Really loving this product! And what’s more, the Four Reasons range is designed, made and manufactured right here in Finland and is completely free of animal testing. They also use a lot of natural ingredients in their products, which makes me quite happy! I also recently bought a shampoo & conditioner from the same range and I’ll be reviewing them soon! If you’re interested in the range, Penneys (click here) seems to offer world wide delivery for the products.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet I reviewed a little while ago and I’ve quite adored this moisturizer since I first applied it (and got over the strong scent). It does a fine job keeping my skin matte – especially under mineral makeup. It also offers a good deal of moisture, allowing me to use this as both day and night cream, which is always a plus, especially when traveling. A very good moisturizer and I’m very happy with it!

The Body Shop Baked Eye Colour in Moonstone is an eye shadow favorite of mine at the moment. I’m just disappointed that when I went to the Body Shop on Sunday, they had none on sale and on a handful of colors left in general – and for the normal price. I have a feeling they may be discontinuing these, which would make me quite sad! I also reviewed this product a while ago. It has been my go-to on a daily basis lately. Nice, subtle, long-lasting color.

Lumene Sensitive Touch Automatic Eyeliner is by far my favorite eyeliner ever. I purchased this some time in May, but really got to using it in June and I’ve used it every day since. I like to use this for tightlining (lining the upper lid waterline) and it works for that quite well. It also gives me a really intense black eyeliner on the upper lid, which I really like. I love the fact that it sharpens itself. Very handy! For a non-liquid/non-gel liner this provides a pretty intense black finish!

As a bonus, I added my new striped cardigan into the pictures – instant love & June favorite as well!

PS. All of my June favorites are also cruelty free!


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