My weekend in pictures

Weekend was finally the time to relax and have a holiday. I can safely say I did pretty much nothing that was actually productive. I ate all kinds of not-so-healthy things (but also a lot of fruit and berries) and wasted some money on “essentials” from The Body Shop. Also bought a very nice white & navy cardigan from a sale and I’m quite in love with it!

Now, it’s back to work with me for the week and then 4 days off again! On the bright side, the holiday gave me a good chance to sort out my closet and get a lot of stuff done towards our upcoming move. Only a month left in our current home! I’m trying not to stress myself out over the whole thing, but well, statistics show that moving is one of the most stressful times in peoples’ lives. We did hire a moving company this time around to take a load off, but the fact is that we still have to do a lot of packing and sorting out… Ugh! All the expenses are driving me a bit cuckoo as well.

The Monday is certainly starting off softer with the help of my new Shea Body Mist…. mmm….


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