Eco-certified Lavera toothpaste

As I’m on a quest to find natural, organic and animal-friendly alternatives to the products I’m using, I’m finding more and more items that I would’ve never guessed to have been tested on animals – and more and more companies that do test. A couple of months ago I realized that toothpaste was one of those things after finding brands such as Pepsodent on the list of companies that do test on animals. I could almost feel gray hair growing in… Toothpaste is such an essential thing in probably everyone’s life that it would be really important to find one that would do its job, but what if it also has to be animal-friendly?

Well, as I was looking for something else entirely at my local supermarket a couple of months back, I stumbled upon Lavera’s eco-certified toothpaste in a nice 75 ml tube. It also appeared to be vegan and organic (in actuality, containing a few ingredients that are the products of organic farming).


Lavera Basis Sensitiv Toothpaste Mint

Packaging: Classic Lavera. Clean, not too busy. 75 ml plastic tube. Certifications on the package.

Consistency: Like any regular white toothpaste, really.

Scent: Very pleasantly mint. Fresh, organic mint, to be specific.

Taste: Sea salt. This was quite the surprise on the first time and threw me off a bit. There’s mint, too, but it’s quite mild.

Promise: Protection against cavities, naturally white teeth, minty fresh breath.

Delivery: Gives you clean teeth and a very mildly minty breath. Teeth feel fine and clean, but the breath you get isn’t as fresh and minty as you get with “commercial toothpastes”. Doesn’t seem to be whitening my tea-stained teeth.

Would I buy again: I might. I kind of wonder if there might be something even better (and mintier) on the market by another brand, but considering this wasn’t all that expensive (perhaps 3,50 euros) and it did its job, I wouldn’t shoot it down that quickly. Wouldn’t recommend this for those who are very fond of regular toothpastes.

Summary: Good, basic toothpaste that gets your teeth clean. Doesn’t do anything special, but does its job. If you want a really fresh breath, buy some gum or mints…



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