Time off work

So, I’ve been having some time off work since Thursday last week and boy have I needed it! Not that I’ve got to relax all that much though! Friday and Saturday were spent cleaning up our home really good because of an apartment viewing on Sunday. The viewing wasn’t much of a success, just two young ladies taking about 3 minutes to glance about and that was it. We felt a bit disappointed too, because we had put in 2 days of cleaning for the showing and even organized our horribly messy walk-in for the day. Of course, the lack of interest in the apartment also meant we would be getting another viewing soon enough…

Sunday night we had a brief moment to catch our breath after the viewing and then on Monday morning we headed over to my mom’s 185 km away. After a lunch and some coffee we were due to the bank for a brief meeting, after which I got dragged into a hardware store where Mike spent nearly 2 hours picking up this and that in order to clean up & polish his sword. His… actual… sword. Yeah.

After another brief moment of relaxing (and somewhat fitful sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa bed) it was soon time to take the dog to the vet. Everything checked out good and his heart condition still doesn’t require medication – yay! After the vet, we headed off to Wanha Markki, home for the elderly animals – a place we had wanted to visit for years, but never managed to do. Oh, that was a wonderful and relaxing experience, which finally made me feel like I was on a holiday!

I took tons of pictures of all the wonderful animals:

I am and I always will be such a country girl at heart. It’s amongst the fields and the animals where my heart feels at home, regaining strength and energy. Visiting the home for the elderly animals was by far the best experience I’ve had all year. I’m still happy, just thinking about it all! It was extra great to get to pet everything.

After the fun with the animals we headed back to mom’s for some dinner and then I had to hop behind the wheel again and drive us back home – 185 km. Total driving done in two days: Approximately 450 km. Pretty good.

Today I had to once again tidy up around here as we had yet another apartment viewing happen. This time many interested people came and I’m hoping that one of them will choose to move here so that we can relax and literally put our feet up again – hah!

For the rest of the night, I plan on relaxing and feeling good about doing absolutely nothing. Tomorrow, I’ll try to get back to my blogging again!

All I can say is… it’s good to have some time off – even if it’s busy.


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