Rimmel Apocalips – UPDATE


Well, you can color me impressed – and deep red. Turns out, the right color makes a huge difference sometimes. You probably read (I assume) my review/rant on Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer earlier and perhaps you even read between the lines and gathered that I wasn’t super impressed with the product. I decided that I would give it another, proper chance and so, while my spouse was shopping for some groceries, I was shopping for a new color. Of course I asked for his opinion on which of the remaining colors I should choose and after some thought, he chose this one, 402 Across the Universe. A beautiful, deep, almost blood red hue – which was one of my favorites as well.

As soon as we got home, I had to try it on. Whoah! In the yellowish lighting of our bathroom it looked completely blood red. Intense, I thought. In the daylight, however, the color is a beautiful pure red with a bit more of that shine I was expecting. For some reason this shade also feels less drying on the lips than Luna did. I’ve determined that I don’t particularly like the scent of this, but I do like the look of this gorgeous red shade a lot and I feel that it suits me. It’s a very bold color however, bound to gather some looks.

As for the wear of it… Well, as said, I couldn’t wait to put it on. I put it on and then took a few pictures, geeked about a bit and well, I got tired. I lied down and I dabbed my lips, twice, onto a tissue to make sure I wouldn’t get any on the pillow. Since the tissue had quite a bit of color on it, I assumed I got it off. Imagine my surprise when I woke up from my nap two hours later with a perfect, matte red pout. Yeah. Then, I went to walk the dog and had a cup of coffee and… it’s still there. So this baby sticks. This color seems to like me as much as I like it.

Very cool.


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