The Body Shop Baked Eye Colour

A couple of days ago I purchased my very first The Body Shop eye shadow in many years. I’m not sure why I haven’t been buying The Body Shop makeup products in ages and even back when I did, why didn’t I buy more than a couple? Beats me, because at least this eye shadow became an almost instant favorite!


The Baked Eye Colours were on sale and after sampling a few, I opted for the most easy-to-use, neutral shades to begin with – something I could easily keep in my purse as well. The shade is called Moonstone and the lighter shade is a shimmery cream color that is quite neutral, perhaps a bit more cool than warm. The dark shade is kind of a silvery-khaki shade, quite lovely in my opinion.

Normally, these are priced at 15,30 euros here, but now these were on sale for 8 euros and after I’ve seen this in action, I wish I had purchased a couple of more of these (well I wish I had purchased all of them, but you know, with the moving and all, money is quite tight at the moment).

I wore this eye shadow to work yesterday (and will likely do so again!), combining the two colors, as you can see on my Instagram! I applied my makeup around 7 am and I first checked it around 11 am and there was no change what so ever. I saw a bit of creasing around 3 pm, but it was barely noticeable – and I had no primer on, just my mineral base. Around 7 pm there was a bit more creasing, but a bit of dabbing about made the shadow look decent again – if a bit faded. Only the lighter shade was creasing by the way, interestingly enough.


When I went to take a shower at 8 pm, the eye shadow was still good enough for me to hit the town with, so I’d say the durability is pretty great! The Body Shop promises these 8 hours of wear and they can be used wet or dry. I do have a horrible suspicion though that they may be cancelling this line, since it seems to also be on a really good sale in USA (like half the price of ours!!!). I really hope that’s not the case, because I would love to collect more!

To sum it up:

  • The Baked Eye Colours come in 8 shades, 2 shades in each container (so technically 16 shades)
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Blends well
  • Good amount of pigment – and can be built up
  • Doesn’t flake when being applied
  • Gives at least 6-7 hours or wear (with primer, likely up to 10)
  • Shimmery, light-reflecting consistency

I can’t really think of negatives in this case, all I can hope is that they continue with the product!


7 thoughts on “The Body Shop Baked Eye Colour

    • Oh really? :o For some reason I found this one to be really easy to work with… no flaking, good amount of pigment, easy to apply… Hmm… Have you tried several of their eye products? I’m curious, because I was planning on purchasing others to try too.

      • I have tried the shimmer cubes and a few of their singles! the shimmer cubes irritated my eyes so bad that I had see an ophtalmologist! and the monos had no pigmentation at all! never tried the baked ones, nor I am interested to! :D this happened to me; maybe I am allergic to God-knows-what they made them with! if they work for you, feel free to buy more. but be careful, especially with the glittered ones! xx

      • Jeesh! Sounds pretty bad :/ So far this baked one has been working well, I’ve worn it to work on 2 days and I’m really impressed with how well it stays put and how good it looks even after 8-9 hours. I think I’ll stay away from those shimmer cubes though – sounded pretty scary! I do have very dry eyes, but I’m not usually allergic to makeup, just a few skincare products. Thanks for the heads up!

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