I went to buy a new moisturizer…

…and somehow, I ended up walking out with these:


The Body Shop has been my ultimate weakness since I was about 13 and first went to one when I got to a big enough city to have one! The Body Shop basically started me off on my personal grooming / makeup applying and almost, I would say, path to “womanhood”. I remember my big sister being really confused when I was buying myself an eye cream (the classic Elderflower Eye Gel they still sell today) when she had never really used one…

The Body Shop is a store I always associate with good memories, familiar scents and feeling good, so I can’t help myself when I step into the shop… I have to sample, sniff and shop. Yesterday, I went in for a moisturizer on my “quick trip to the post office” which turned into 45 minutes of The Body Shop bliss… and a much less happy bank account balance… Of course, they had to also have a sale.

The moisturizer I chose was an interesting newcomer from the Vitamin E -range – the sorbet. Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet to be exact (and I guarantee there will be a review) which I tried out of curiosity. After my hand nearly froze, I was all giddy about it, though worrying it might not work with my sensitive skin. It does have a very strong scent as well. It seemed quickly absorbing and yes, cooling, as if applying sorbet on your skin.

Then my eyes hit the SALE section… and I picked up a heavenly-scented Passion Fruit Shower Gel (seriously too delicious) for 5 euros (normally 8,50 euros here) and a giant (300ml) tub of Shea Body Butter for 15 euros (the normal sized ones normally cost 18,50 euros!). Shea Body Butter is something that also takes me back a decade or nearly two – something I used in my teens as well. The scent is just soooo good without being overpoweringly sweet.

Last, but not least, I noticed Baked Eye Colours on sale… I could’ve bought them all, but I settled for just one in shade Moonstone, which looks to be a pretty, shimmery cream paired with kind of a khaki-ish hue. I have a feeling this will be a great everyday item that I can use in very versatile ways! Seems like there’s quite a lot of pigment as well. The eye shadow was 8 euros (normally 15,30 euros). I will definitely review this one soon as well!

PS. As soon as I got home, I had to hit the shower and then basically dive into that tub of Shea Body Butter…


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