Summing up the (work)week

This week I have learned at least the following things:

  • Bird poop will not wash off of the car, even if there are three rain storms in five days.
  • There’s no point in trying to decide between feta salad and chicken salad when you can simply combine the two.
  • Never go to a restaurant wearing a light-colored shirt.
  • If you do go to a restaurant wearing a light-colored shirt and spill delicious sauce all over yourself, it’s totally alright to combine polkadots with leopard print. (see picture somewhere below)
  • Strawberries always get eaten too quickly.
  • One can never get quite enough sleep, especially if one “accidentally” stays up until 1 am playing a new video game…
  • The dog will rather hold onto his pee than go outside wearing rain overalls.
  • It’s often, if not always, a good idea to read the manual.
  • Chocolate shower gel, body oil and lip balm do not ease the craving for chocolate – in fact they do quite the opposite.
  • It’s not a good idea to measure olive oil by the table spoon when your hair is about shoulder length. Not even if it feels very dry.*


* Lately my hair has been feeling kind of dry and coarse at the ends (mainly the layered parts, go figure) and in hopes of fixing that, I took drastic measures. So drastic, that it took me 4 whole days and 3 washes to get my hair to feel “normal” again. I took an entire table spoon full of coconut oil to the ends of my hair on Monday. Felt like a good idea at the time, except that the hair dried in oily-looking chunky mess. It did give me fabulous curls though, but I still had to apply about half a container of dry shampoo and sea salt spray into my hair to survive the workday because I just didn’t have the time to rewash. Even clarifying shampoo couldn’t get rid of that oil – though it finally got rid of the smell of “aged fat” as it were. Yuck.

So, as my tip for the weekend… use coconut oil very sparingly.


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