May Favorites

May Favs

Due to the hassle, my May Favorites has been delayed quite a bit and due to the upcoming money sink (the move), I haven’t been purchasing that much either! I do have a few products that I really ended up liking during May – surprisingly (?) three of them are from The Body Shop!

Mavala Pacific Blue Nailpolish from Mavala’s Pacific Dream series. This is such an unusual color for me and an unusual pick for a favorite, but something about this color just really draws me in. Perhaps it’s because I just really wish I could escape to somewhere by the sea…

Lumene CC Nail Concealer this was a baffling product to me at first and I thought it to be completely useless when I received it as a part of a small goodie bag that was handed out at this blogger meet-up event that promoted the Finnish brand, Lumene. I’ve been wanting to do a review for this one, but I’m not sure if it’s available abroad? In any case, this has become a favorite of mine. At first I was really confused as to how exactly do you conceal your nails and why? Well, apparently this basically works a bit like a CC cream for your nails. It evens out the nail color making the nail look really beautiful in a natural way. Your nails, but slightly better! Really loving this stuff. It’s such a quick and easy way to give yourself beautiful natural nails that I have a hard time imagining being without it now… Ideal companion for the lazy lady who still likes to look put together – right down to her fingernails!

Avène Cleanance Sunscreen SPF 30 is perhaps a bit of a surprise pick. I hate sunscreens with passion. You always end up all icky and sticky and if you slap any of that stuff onto your face, you’re pretty much destined for breakouts. I had however read good reviews of this sunscreen so I decided to give it a go. It actually works pretty well even underneath makeup (tested with both mineral makeup and BB cream) and doesn’t give you an overwhelming, greasy shine like so many sunscreens do. I definitely need the SPF 30 (even in Finland, haha) because I’m as pale as a ghost… In any case, this feels more like a normal moisturizer than a sunscreen and has a pretty subtle scent as well. It’s pricey stuff though so I don’t generally use it for just any day sitting around at the office. I believe this 50 ml tube was about 30 euros. Convenient pump though!

The Body Shop Lip Butter Chocomania is a simple one. It’s a lip butter that smells like chocolate. How could I not love this? Thankfully it does not taste like chocolate so you don’t end up simply eating the damn jar… But ohmygosh the scent is soooo gooood. Also, quite nourishing!

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine I recently reviewed. I’m so in love with this stuff that it almost scares me. I love everything about it. I love that it comes in a nice, cool metal tin. I love that it’s almost wax-like in the tin, but turns into this shiny, great-smelling goodness when you take some out and rub it in between your hands. I can’t see myself ever letting go of this one…

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream I love more now as my skin has finally pretty much healed and I don’t need much of a coverage. This definitely evens out the skin tone somewhat and just gives a nice, natural finish. I love this on work day mornings when I’m in a rush to get ready and don’t have the time to do my mineral base. I need to apply powder a couple of times and give my face a bit of a patting, but in general, I’m quite happy with this one and I love the fact that it’s pale enough! I reviewed this one already too – you can view it here.

Have you tried out any of my May favorites?


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