What’s up?

Hello hello! It has been a while! I have three reasons for my hiatus, in case you have been wondering. One being the fact that I’m working a lot as this is our busiest time of the year. I’ve also been working a lot from home – effectively making me not want to spend any extra time on the computer if I can avoid it! Second reason is that our internet has been really on and off for a few days now, possibly because of the bad weather we were having. I still keep getting randomly disconnected and everything feels reaaally slow. Third reason is the exciting one! We have found our new (rental) home that we shall be moving into at the end of July!

After my husband got accepted into the college he applied for we were able to start looking “on the other side of the lake” for apartments that would be close to his school. Didn’t take us very long to find the perfect little place as we very clearly know what we want and what would work for us and limited the search and the viewings to those few we knew would have the right kind of potential. My commute will be nearly doubled, but since I drive to work (there’s no well functioning public transport to that direction) it’s easier for me to make a longer commute than it would be for my husband to spend 2 hours of his day just sitting on a bus.

The great things about this apartment are that it’s quite new, only 5 years since the complex was built. Our apartment is on the top floor (5th) and has pretty nice views to an old forest full of walking / biking trails. The area feels nice and calm, lots of families with children so I would imagine it to be pretty safe there too. A whole lot of forests around us – and 5 minute drive to the lake and 7 minutes to the nearest beach (granted my husband argues it’s not a beach if there is no ocean, but there is a lake!)!

Looking for more good things… well, it has a balcony that’s the size of a bedroom. No joke. It’s huge. Neighbors seemed to have loveseats and lounge chairs on theirs… And the balcony has glass all over to keep it warmer longer into the year, which is very nice in a cold-ass country like Finland where you can expect snow anywhere between September and May, basically. We are also getting a sauna again (our place before our current one had one), which can be really nice. See pics below of our 2nd bathroom (we have a separate powder room too).

In Finland, they keep building personal saunas into pretty much any apartment these days because we are sauna-loving people as a nation. Foreigners tend to find our sauna-addiction a bit confusing and I’m not too surprised. Whenever you visit Finland, you’re taken to a sauna, because that’s just what you do here. Finns are normally very reserved, quiet and like to keep to themselves, but despite that, they sure love to get naked and sweaty with strangers…

Anyway, we’ll be getting new laminate floors (we offered to pay a bit of a higher rent for those) as the place had plastic floors that looked like laminate and well… they feel sticky. If we can get brand new, nice, even and smooth floors for 20 euros more a month, we think it may well be worth it. In addition to the sauna and a separate toilet, we’re gaining another walk-in closet. Somehow, for some reason, they managed to put two into this place, but heck, I’ll take it! We are losing 2 square meters in terms of space and a separate kitchen and the rooms are generally somewhat smaller – because we are also losing our tiiiiny bathroom and getting… basically two and a sauna. We seem to be able to fit pretty much everything we have into this new place though – it will just look a bit more compact.

Besides the giant balcony, I’m also excited about getting a giant new freezer and fridge. We’re always struggling with freezer space in our current apartment. Pretty excited about that improvement!

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with what we found. The move is still a while away, but there’s much to do and much to sort out with that so it may be a bit of a more silent kind of summer here. I’ll do my best though! Right now, the beauty budget is about 0, because everything is going into this move, which kind of sucks, but will definitely be worth it in the long run.

That’s what’s up!


2 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. So what you’re saying is, if and when I go to Finland you will take me to a sauna. Huh. Anway, congrats on the new house, have fun at the… no, you know what, he’s right. It’s not a ‘beach’ if there is no -ocean-.


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