The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine


I’ve fallen in love with this product and so I had to come over and write a bit about it. I bought this on a whim a couple of weeks ago when I last visited The Body Shop. I was looking for something to basically give my hair a nice, shiny and healthy-looking finish – as naturally wavy/curly hair is easily transformed into a frizzy mess even throughout the day. I’ve tried just using pure coconut oil in my hair, but unfortunately that instantly makes my hair just look and feel ridiculously greasy, so it doesn’t work for me. My hair isn’t really that dry, it just has a bit of “control issues” now and then.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine (50 g)

Product Idea: “Smoothes, adds shine, conditions and repairs. Smooth over dry hair. Store in a cool place.” – says the container. Basically it’s enhanced coconut oil in a convenient tin form (slender and easy to take with you). Doesn’t exactly style your hair, but will give it a nourishing shine.

Consistency: Kind of like a wax. Quite hard in the tin, it reacts to the warmth of your hand to get to a slightly more liquid-y form. Easy to apply without a mess. A little goes a long way!

Scent: Coconut with a twist. Doesn’t smell like pure coconut oil and doesn’t overwhelm me with sweetness. I actually like the smell of this more than the smell of just plain coconut oil. Definitely a scent that will remind a lot of people of warm days in the sun… You can smell it in the hair for some time as well.

What does it actually do: It does give your hair some great, glossy-looking shine. You may wish to apply it quite carefully and in small amounts to not turn the glossiness into greasiness. It works its way into the hair quite quickly though so you get away with a slight over applying easier than with oils. Hair feels softer and looks healthier.  Also tames the unruly kinks a bit – great for my wavy hair (on both curl and non-curl days).

Would I buy again: Absolutely. This is definitely a product that will be with me at all times and in everyday use. Even in this super expensive country called Finland this is reasonably priced at 8,90 € which, for a very long-lasting 50g tin is quite appealing. Also, I happen to have a great, deep and seemingly never-ending love for tins… so it’s a win-win for me!


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